‘Game of Thrones’ Catchup Ready for Season Four Part One

Game of ThronesIt is time to get ready for season four, which is just weeks away, with a Game of Thrones catchup part one. It has been a while since the last season, but there are some important parts that will lead to actions in the new season. To keep it simple this catch up will focus on the areas of King’s Landing, and The War (The Starks and the Baratheons).

In King’s Landing, it seems that King Joffrey is getting everything that he wants. He has found a possible queen, who seems to enjoy the same dark things that he does, and has been able to make Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister spectacles at their forced wedding. The same cannot be said for Cersei, who may still have to marry her future daughter-in-law’s brother to make an already twisted family tree more complicated.

Jaime Lannister has returned, but he now has one hand. His sword hand was chopped off when he was captured by some men who were supposed to be on the side of Robb Stark. In the new trailer he is heard asking why the Gods have made him love such an evil woman, so it seems that he still loves his twin sister. However, Jaime has learned a lot about himself on his journey and even went back to rescue Brienne of Tarth when she was thrown in a bear pit with a wooden sword. He still has a lot of developing to do, considering he has no idea who he is without his right hand.

It looks like Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s illegitimate son, is heading back to King’s Landing. He stuck with Arya Stark for a long while, but then found himself in the clutches of Stannis Baratheon who wanted him for other reasons.

Moving onto the next section of part one of the Game of Thrones catchup to get ready for season four. When it comes to the war, there are two sides battling for different things: the Starks and the Baratheons. The Starks really want to get Arya and Sansa back home, but also want to remove Joffrey from power. The Baratheons just want to remove Joffrey and the Lannisters from King’s Landing, knowing that the king is not really the heir after all.

Stannis Baratheon was facing some issues at the end of the last season. His attempt on King’s Landing ended up failing thanks to Tywin Lannister, and he spent the season licking his wounds. However, the war from the North seems more interesting for him now and he looks to be heading that way.

Robb and Catelyn Stark are now dead, along with Robb’s wife and unborn child and the Bannermen and Knights. It almost looks like the war for the North is over in Game of Thrones. However, there is the thought of Bran and Rickon still alive, which means there are still Stark boys to rally behind. They only died because they were betrayed by Walder Frey, who wanted revenge for Robb not marrying his daughter.

Arya is still on her own, but was so close to reuniting with her mother and brother. It was a good job that she did not, after the events at the Red Wedding. However, knowing what has happened has now caused her to turn dark. She has a growing list of people on her hit list, and ended the season by saying “Valar Morghulis” after dropping the coin given to her by the Fearless Man from Braavos.

A lot is happening in the world of the HBO series, and it is certainly not over. This is just part one of the Game of Thrones catchup to get everyone ready for season four of the show.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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