‘Game of Thrones’ to Become a Movie Franchise?

Game of ThronesGeorge R.R. Martin has recently mentioned that he may look into Game of Thrones becoming a movie franchise. It would take the steps that books series like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games have taken before it. However, since it has already become a popular TV show, which has remained extremely close to the books, there are questions about how a movie or two could possibly work.

At the moment, the idea of making a Game of Thrones movie series is still only in the talking stages. Martin has the same fears that it simply could not happen if the TV show continues much further. He does acknowledge that his books do become much bigger as they continue, so a feature movie could be needed to wrap everything one.

One option would be to create prequel movies that tell the stories of the Targaryen reign and the civil war in Westeros. The fantasy author has already hinted that this is something he would be happy to see. It would make more sense too, since people could see the movies without sitting through season after season of drama between the different factions and storylines. If the movies were set after the series, everyone would need to know the storyline that had already been told in the TV show.

There is also the option of the Dunk and Egg series of novellas, which are set around 90 years before the start of the main novels. Martin believes these will work great for standalone options, and he has about a dozen more planned.

While Game of Thrones may become a movie franchise, it seems that the TV show is focusing on more drama, more action and many more character deaths. Considering the show is sticking close to the books, this should not be too much of a shock for avid fans but not all fans have ready all the books yet.

The Dorking branch of Waterstones recently posted a photo on Twitter with sticky notes on the pages where there were deaths. Some of the deaths were small and included the battlefields, but others included the major characters, including the recently killed off Rob and Catlyn Stark. It gave a grave look into the future for the series. The fantasy author has no qualms about killing off some of the most favorite characters on the show, such as the early death of Ned Stark, played by Sean Bean on the HBO production.

Martin really believes that the later stories in his Songs of Fire and Ice saga will need the film budgets to tell the story. He is not even finished writing the books, with two more being planned at least. Currently, the show has covered two and half of the novels and is already in the fourth series. There are two more books already published after this, and the stories become more and more extensive, meaning more airtime needed. It certainly brings a good argument for Game of Thrones becoming a movie franchise instead of remaining as a TV show.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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