Johnny Weir Tweets Split With Husband Victor Weir-Voronov

Johnny Weir Victor Weir-Voronov

Johhny Weir, 29, Olympic figure skating champion and candid LGBT persona, publicly announced his split with his husband, Victor Weir-Voronov mid-afternoon, Wednesday, via his Twitter feed. Weir’s Twitter handle was reverted back to “Weir” from “Weir-Voronov” and the following statement was posted: “It is with great sadness that I announce that my husband and I are no longer together. My heart hurts, and I wish him well.”

Weir is reported to have told Access Hollywood last month that his marriage with his husband was “constant fireworks,” and playfully alluded to both partners fighting to wear the pants in the relationship. Such a conclusion could be drawn from the two’s brush with a domestic violence dispute last January, which resulted in Weir-Voronov filing a police report. Weir appeared in a New Jersey courtroom a few weeks ago for allegedly biting his husband during an altercation, but Weir-Voronov reportedly requested that the charges be dropped, and Weir was not charged with any penalty.

Announcing the split with husband Weir-Voronov, publicly on his Twitter profile is not an atypical move  for Weir. He has never been known for shielding himself from the limelight and has gained a very likable reputation within pop culture as an outspoken and stylish Olympic persona. During the Sochi Winter Olympics, he sat alongside gold medalist Tara Lipinski as an NBC figure skating commentator, continuing to dazzle audiences with legendary fashion choices. Weir is known for his expressive costumery and, at times, eye-popping face paint. His costumes are often elaborately adorned with feathers, sequins, and glitter, which is not uncommon in the figure skating arena, but Weir’s personal flare unquestionably gets him much attention. He is also well-remembered for the energy and electricity he brings into the arena competing to explosive songs like Lady Gaga’s, Poker Face. Much of his success in the sport is attributed to how seamlessly he incorporated his innovative and bold artistry on the ice with the technical demands of the competitions.

Weir and Voronov married in a civil ceremony  in a New York City courthouse on New Year’s Eve in 2011. They exchanged hand-written vows and were accompanied by their parents. Another, more extravagant, affair was planned for the summer months to celebrate with family and friends. Although the couple may have rushed to the altar, Johnny stated after the union, “Our road to marriage has been a fast one, but one I never wavered on. I am honored to have been married in the great state of New York, and I hope more states pass laws allowing all Americans to be united through love and marriage.”

Weir has recently mentioned that Weir-Voronov had only been out as an openly gay man for about a month before the marriage. Same-sex marriage was legalized in New York earlier that year in July. The couple does not have a prenup.

E! News reported that Weir had quickly removed a tweet on Tuesday insinuating the split with husband Weir-Voronov, saying  a sad announcement was to be coming soon. “I’ve been sad for a long time,” Weir stated later, expanding on decisions for the break up. “And unfortunately don’t foresee a way to resolve our current marital issues.” It is yet to be determined if the couple will go ahead with divorce procedures or remain separated.

Opinion By Stacy Feder

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