George Clooney Fraternizes With the Law

George Clooney
George Clooney is at it again but this time the actor is fraternizing with the law. That is, with Clooney’s new flame, lawyer Amal Alamuddin. The couple was seen last night leaving a hotel, heading out to dinner, in New York City. Alamuddin looked gorgeous in a little black dress and hot pink coat while Clooney looked dapper in a grey suit and matching scarf.

The sexy Hollywood bachelor has always been under the telescope when the Monuments Men’s star is seen with a new leading lady. It seems that Clooney’s ‘most eligible bachelor’ crown is something people, or ladies, keep a close watch on. Everybody is waiting to see who, if anyone, can capture the heart of this actor and get the Gravity star to come down to earth and put a ring on it. Maybe now Clooney has finally met his match with this beautiful, intelligent British lawyer.

Alamuddin is not just a pretty face like some of the models Clooney has dated in the past. The 36-year-old specializes in international and human rights as well as criminal law and extradition cases. Just as Clooney was ranked People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2006 (and other years), Alamuddin made a splash in London as well when the attractive lawyer was voted most eligible bachelorette by ranking #1 as the hottest Barrister in London.  Alamuddin also knows three languages including French and Arabic. The sexy lawyer is certainly bringing a lot of intellect into the relationship, something that Clooney may not be used to and something that the actor may have starved for. It is no wonder why George Clooney is fraternizing with this bombshell of a lawyer.

The fact that Alamuddin is not connected to Hollywood or the fashion industry really sets the hot barrister apart from what Clooney is used to. Alamuddin seems to be more than capable of holding the lawyers own. With only 1,795 followers on twitter, as of yesterday, the lawyer has some very impressive followers. Names such as Julia Gilliard, the 27th Prime Minister of Australia, and even That 70’s Show star, Ashton Kutcher.  Unlike many of Clooney’s conquests, Alamuddin doesn’t seem to crave the spotlight.  However, Alamuddin has proven not to be afraid of it either.

The lawyer has some high-profile cases as well such as representing Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, in the Sweden extradition case and as being an adviser to the United Nations.  According to a Yahoo report, Alamuddin is a consultant with the U.N. on the crisis in Lebanon and Syria. That is a far cry from walking down a catwalk. Not only does Alamuddin have the looks but the barrister certainly has the brains to go along with it.

All eyes are on the hot couple to see how long the relationship will last. Some speculate that it won’t be long before Clooney gets weary or bored and needs to move onto the next “shiny thing” in the room. But many others are placing bets that the hottest barrister in London has more than what it takes to attract and keep the actors attention. George Clooney is realizing that fraternizing with the law is not such a bad thing after all.

By Derik L. Bradshaw



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