Obese 8-Month-Old Baby Tips the Scale at Over 40 Pounds [Video]

Obese Baby Santiago Weighs 40 pounds alreadyDoctors in Colombia have put a 40 pound, 8-month-old baby boy on a strict diet. Baby Santiago from Codazzi, Columbia was born with a normal weight but has grown to over 40 pounds in the last seven months. He was born weighing seven pounds and four ounces and now is a heaping 41 pounds.

The obese child’s parents say that he started gaining extra weight when he was only one-month-old. He is nursed by his mother over 20 times a day because he feels hungry, however due to his great size he cannot stand or crawl.

Doctors have not found anything medically wrong with the child, he has simply been overfed. The goal of these doctors is to try to reduce the child’s weight down to about 17 pounds. They have stepped in and are taking baby Santiago off formula in exchange for vegetables and juice.

This baby is reminiscent of the toddler from Saudi Arabia who was morbidly obese by two-years-old. This “little”Obese 8-Month-Old Baby Boy Stuns Scale at Over 40 Poundsboy broke the record as the youngest person to ever receive gastric bypass surgery. The child became the youngest recipient of the surgery in 2010 when he was just two-years-old. At that time he had a body mass index of 41 and weighed nearly 73 pounds.

According to a report which was published in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports states the parents of the child took him to see an endocrinologist because of his size. At only 14 months, although his tests were normal, he weighed a whopping 46 pounds. Four months after a doctor-prescribed diet this child had grown an additional 17 pounds heavier.

The parents were well-informed about the importance of maintaining the strict dietary regimen prescribed by the doctors but due to the absence of the practice of calculating calories and the different socio cultural habits it was not an easy task. As a result of the continued weight gain the child developed severe sleep apnea and his legs began to bow heavily.

The child was then referred to a clinic which specializes in obesity for further dietary management. Even still the toddler gained another 18 pounds. At two and a half years old he weighed in at 72 pounds. The doctors then decided that it was time to perform a Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy.

The child’s surgery was considered a success. Two years later the toddler’s weight had reduced nearly 20 pounds; his weight at that time was closer to 53 pounds. A closer review of the child’s recovery is not available because the parents did not fully comply with the doctor’s instructions and failed to make the necessary follow-up appointments.

In hopes of eliminating a similar outcome doctors have placed the 8-month-old baby Santiago on a strict diet of juice and vegetables. With the average weight for a normal 8-month old baby boy being between 17 and 20 pounds, this leaves baby Santiago at more than double the standard weight.

Baby Santiago from Codazzi, Columbia was born with a normal weight but has since grown to over 40 pounds. He was born weighing seven pounds and four ounces and now is a whopping 41 pounds. Doctors have taken him off formula and reduced his dietary intake to juice and vegetables.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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