Girl Scout Sells Record-Breaking 18,107 Boxes of Cookies

A 12-year-old Girl Scout has proven that you’re never too young to make it big in the business world by selling a record-breaking 18,107 boxes of cookies. In 2013, Katie Price had sold 12, 428 boxes of cookies. This number was in itself a remarkable feat – a figure that had already garnered the sixth-grader two national accolades for the most sales of Girl Scout cookies in the state of Oklahoma.

This year, the Oklahoma City native was determined to add even more to that record. By selling over 18 000 boxes of cookies, Katie shattered the organization’s longstanding record of the most cookies sold in history by a mere 10 boxes. The previous record was held by Elizabeth Brinton, who sold 18, 000 boxes of cookies in the 1980s.

According to Katie’s mother DeLee Francis, her daughter has all the makings of a successful businesswoman. Describing Katie as a natural go-getter, she attributes the sixth-grader’s success to her grit and determination. Katie worked countless hours to reach her target – to improve on her result of last year. Katie is spurred on by all the compliments she receives. The attention has motivated her to work even harder, while teaching her skills in money management and business.

For like-minded entrepreneurs looking to follow in Katie’s footsteps, be warned – it’s not easy. Katie admits that her focus this past winter season has been fixed solely on selling. Her hours of business typically started from the minute she returned home from school in the afternoons to about 9:30pm during the week. Come rain, snow or sleet, Katie tirelessly pulled her box-laden wagon across her Warr Acres neighborhood. To further maximize on her sales potential, she spent an extra time frame of between 12 and 13 hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

What’s next for the young business maven? According to her mother, the sky’s the limit for young Katie. By the end of March, she aims to top her record-breaking number of 18, 107 to at least 20 000 boxes of cookies. Her ultimate goal, her mother told USA Today Network, is to sell a record-breaking number of 100, 000 boxes of cookies by the end of her career as a Girl Scout.

She does have a tip for her fellow cookie sellers on how to emulate her success: Thin Mints and Samoas are her two top-selling cookies. These products are manufactured by Little Brownie Bakers and ABC Bakers, the two bakers officially licensed under the Girl Scouts of the USA. Other than that, this business-savvy Middle Schooler is keeping mum on her business tactics. Katie and her troop of Girl Scouts will receive a portion of the proceeds gained by the sales of the cookies and plan to donate their earnings to breast cancer research.

Clearly this Girl Scout knows the recipe for cookies, but what’s her secret to selling a record-breaking 18,107 boxes of them? Commitment, time, and pitching her sales pitch to just about everybody she comes into contact with. Now that’s one smart cookie.

By Lesleigh Kivedo

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