Secret Service Agents Sent Back to the States After Getting Bombed

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Agents of the United States Secret Service were once again perhaps not as secret as they should have been; three agents were sent home to the States on Sunday after being reportedly too intoxicated to open a hotel door or to indulge in decent and controlled behavior while overseas in Amsterdam. President Barack Obama had been scheduled for longer than a three-hour tour of the Netherlands, Italy and Saudi Arabia, purportedly to promote World Peace through the continuing conglomerate collectivization of intertwining governments across the globe.

In the wake of their being sent home early, the story of the U.S. involvement in Europe and the oil-rich middle Eastern kingdom has now taken on an allegedly altered angle. The three agents were said to have spent Saturday night drinking. With the most recent involvement of Secret Service agents happening barely two years ago, an incident which spotlighted a plethora of agents embarking on the club scene, drinking alcohol a little too freely, and then bringing prostitutes back to the agent’s Colombian hotel, this recent scandal further depletes the image of the secret protectors for the officials of the United States Federal government.

As the agents returned to their hotel after their drinking bout, one of them supposedly could not get into his hotel room. He then proceeded to take to the floor for a good night’s sleep. Hotel staff discovered the agent and reported the incident to the proper authorities. It would be a short few hours later when the agent was dismissed from his service in the European country, before the President had even arrived. Two other agents were also sent back to the States after their inappropriate behavior. The reason given for their being disciplined was reported as being enablers to the drunkenly snoozing Federal agent. Because of the agency’s previous misbehavior in a foreign country, new laws were put into place stating that Secret Service agents would not be allowed to ingest any alcohol 10 hours prior to the arrival of the official with whom they had been assigned to protect. Perhaps their abilities to open hotel doors without fault will soon also have to be decreed.

The Secret Service has been in operation for 150 years. In addition to being tasked with the protection of U.S. elites, the agency has also been in the practice of investigating credit card fraud and counterfeiting.

Months after the leery scandal that ensued in Colombia, the head of the agency was to step down. The void he left behind was decided by Obama to be filled with a lady. Julia Pierson became the director of the U.S. agency, possibly a move that the President hoped would restore to the public the image of the what the agency should represent and stand for. Today, as she is traveling with the President on his tour of supporting and legitimizing the one-world system of governance, the new director apparently has her hands filled with containing the sporadic and random lack of discipline in the longstanding Secret Service. Since being one of the more well-trained groups with an officially important duty to protect, the Service is now caught in the throes of having to deal with the sending home of three agents who also could not keep themselves from indulging in the vices of drink.

Satire By Bryan William Myers


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