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Global Warming a Sign of Impending Apocalypse and How to Prepare

global warmingGlobal warming is a sign of the impending apocalypse, and it is important to learn how to prepare. Human and animal livelihoods are at stake, most of it due to human carelessness and wanton disregard for the environment and world systems. All seven continents have been affected, and human and animals alike will have to adapt to these radical changes.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been busy this weekend in Yokohama, Japan, tweaking its final 29-page report on global warming. Portions of the IPCC report–which will be released Monday morning–have been leaked, however, and the declarations within are hardly surprising: global warming will bring with it food shortages, extreme weather changes and dire impact on ecosystems (greenhouse gas emissions, coastal floodings, diminishing crops). The IPCC report is the second in a series of five reports on the effects of global warming.

Destabilization in world societies will further occur with the increasingly high temperatures. It is known that when the thermostat rises, so do people’s tempers. This will only add to the friction that is sure to happen when hungry people go seeking water and food, basics that we take for granted. It will become every man for himself, but only if we do nothing.

The effects of global warming are already being felt the world over, and it will worsen. Third World countries require more assistance than others, and they are especially vulnerable right now due to war, floods, extreme temperatures and food shortages.

A leaked portion of the IPCC report suggests that people living in coastal communities around the world will be “displaced” by the year 2100. Animal and sea species may become extinct, and extreme temperatures threaten our basic crops such as wheat, rice and corn. Add to that the increase in world population, and there simply will not be enough food to feed everyone.

global warming

The effects of global warming would be less if people were prepared for the extreme changes that come with it, which literally affects everyone living on planet Earth. During a time of political tensions among countries, it is critical that global warming get top priority and international leaders propose changes to staunch greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen international security systems to cope with the extreme temperature changes.

So, what can one do to cope with the inevitable changes that accompany an impending apocalypse? First, be as prepared as possible for any natural disaster. With all of the talk of the possible collapse of international societies, survivalist movements have been growing. While not everyone will cotton to the idea of off-grid living, which is not an easy way to live,  it is advisable to be as prepared as possible.

Here are some first steps to get started on the road to preparation:

  • Stockpile enough food to last at least six months to a year. If the rental property or home is not large enough to put the stockpile into a garage, studio or basement, look for spaces throughout the residence for storage. They do not have to be all together.
  • Learn to can and dehydrate food to add to the stockpile.
  • Water is absolutely essential for survival. Humans cannot survive without water. Start with buying bottled water in bulk, and buy water filters and water tablets. Boiling water is another option.
  • Buy guns and ammunition. This will be necessary because we have seen what happens on a smaller scale when communities get out of control. Look what happened after Hurricane Katrina, one of the most tragic natural disasters in U.S. history, made only worse by the U.S. government’s utter foul-ups.
  • Secure the residence as best as possible. Buy barbed wire to surround the property. If the climate is frigid, invest in kerosene heaters, blankets and firewood. The entire home may not be heated but just one room can.

The impending apocalypse effected by global warming is the incentive to get us started on preparing for the future. As it stands now, if we are not prepared, the human race will be in jeopardy.

Opinion by Juana Poareo


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