Google Glass Sports New Frames [video]

Google Glass Sports New Frames

Google Glass now sports new frames that the company introduced last month. The objective was to make Google Glass seem more friendly and not stand out as much as it did. It was directed as users who wear prescription glasses as a way to use Glass, as it offers as a way for easy interchange without having to wear contacts.

Google Glass is now available in four classic styles of frames and iconic colors. The style for the frames are Thin, Split, Curved and Bold. All four frames are made of titanium,, which makes them extremely light. Users have a choice of 4 colors with each frame, that costs $225 USD , plus applicable taxes. The frames can be ordered from the Glass accessory store, while lenses are available at designated optometrists.

Google Glass frames are packaged in a signature white oversized box that includes an overly large case for the eyeglass and two individual envelopes labeled For You to Keep, and another labeled For Your Provider.

The provider envelope contains instructions for the professional service providers to ensure that lenses are properly fitted to work with the Glass frame. The white envelope contains items for the user , such as a branded lens cleaner and extra nose-buds. It also includes instruction on attaching the Glass frames.

The Bold frames are outstanding, as they are thicker and shaped differently than the other styles, and there is not much difference in the weight of Glass that includes the micro electronic components and software. The only difference noticeable is in the right handle of the frame which is a bit bulkier larger and appears to be not completely finished.

Google Glass Sports New FramesAttaching the frames is not difficult. The lens-free band must be removed, by loosening the screw on the inside of the frame. Each frame is shipped with a specially made screwdriver. Turning the screw counter-clockwise for 3 turns, will allow easy removal of Glass with the right side of the frame that contains the small battery, software and prism.

Google Glass may be one of the most disruptive technologies to be announced in recent years, and there are already a few competitors. The features and performance are impress and the product has been improved since it was introduced last year. The stylish new frames that Google Glass sports includes a display with a reasonable 640 x 360 PX resolution. Google claims that the resolution is equivalent to that of 25-inch HD screen when viewed from a distance of 8 feet. Glass also includes a 5-megapixel camera with 720p video capabilities, and is able to record both audio and video. No earphones are needed as sound is transferred with the bone transducer conduction technology that is similar to that feature in the Jawbone earpieces.

The new Titanium frames are
meant to be sleek and stylish while the fact that users are wearing smart glasses is partially concealed.

The API and Development Kit for Glass has been made available, and Google expects to have many more uses and applications for the device, which has already began to appear in unexpected places such as operating rooms and also for playing games.

As Google Glass now sports new frames, Google has also made public a definitive guide that instructs the wearers how they can avoid upsetting others when Glass is worn in public.


Written By Dale Davidson



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