Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Tried to Act Normally Before Split

Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin tried to keep their decision to split after 11 years of marriage a secret by acting as normal as possible beforehand. One of those attempts involved singing at the benefit together.

Martin was involved in the House of Blues Los Angeles benefit, which was to raise funds for the John Thomas Dye School. It was a benefit close to the hearts of both, due to their children attended the school. The Coldplay front man was asked to sing, and Paltrow reportedly offered her own vocals to join with him. She chose Cruisin’, which she sung with Huey Lewis on Duets, and the two took the to stage as if there was nothing wrong between them.

That benefit was just two and a half weeks ago, but their relationship has been rocky for some time now. According to the Oscar-winning actress through her own website GOOP, they have been trying to work it out for over 12 months. It seems like the split is amicable and their children will not suffer too much from it. Both celebrities still love each other, but had decided that they are better off separated.

The split has come as a shock to many, and a very disappointing one at that. Not only was it two and a half weeks ago that they were seen singing together at a benefit, they are currently away as a family in the Bahamas, according to Us Weekly. It seems like Paltrow and Martin really are trying to act normally before and during the split. Whether that is for the sake of the children or their own sanity to escape the media is unknown.

The current Bahamas trip is not the first vacation the four have taken as a family. The celebrity parents took nine-year-old Apple and seven-year-old Moses to Hawaii in the New Year, and they seemed perfectly happy together.

It definitely shows that the split is amicable and really for the best interests of the children. They clearly love each other, but there are differences between them that are just not something they can work with. During their joint statement, which was published on Paltrow’s website, they have stated they are putting their children before anything.

The fact that the two are extremely private has not helped the surprise. Everything seemed perfectly normal on the outside, since all the discussions and work on the marriage has been happening behind closed doors. The 41-year-old actress stated last year in You magazine, part of the Daily Mail, that there have been ups and downs since they married in 2003. However, many people viewed that as a normal marriage thing and believed the couple had worked it all out.

It seems that they will be choosing to co-parent, according to the statement from the couple. This is something many parents decided on when the split is amicable. They hope that it can all be done privately, just like they did before the split when Paltrow and Martin tried to act normally despite their marriage breaking down.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


Us Weekly

Us Weekly

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