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Gwyneth Paltrow Can One Unconsciously Uncouple?

Gwyneth Paltrow Can One Unconsciously Uncouple?
It is, admittedly, very hard to not “take the Mickey” – which is Brit-speak for making fun of – out of Gwyneth Paltrow’s new age-ish term for divorce, “consciously uncouple” and it does beg the question, is it possible for one to unconsciously uncouple? If so, how does one keep from committing this “hippy-I’m-okay-you’re-okay” type of amicable separation. However, not wanting to poke too much fun at Paltrow and her soon to be consciously uncoupled former spouse, is anyone that surprised at the choice of term?

This is the woman who not only has a website called, Goop, but also participated in naming her children Apple and Moses. The naming of her children should provide a clue as to how the award winning actress thinks. Giving your first born the name of that particular item that got Adam and Eve kicked out of Eden and then using another even more biblical name for their second born, although Paltrow says he was named for Martin’s song of the same name, points to an old fashioned Mother Earth aspect to her new age marriage.

Setting Gwyneth Paltrow’s conscious uncoupling aside, while still pondering whether there is a way that one can unconsciously perform the same act, this 41 year-old actress, food writer, film star, and new-age mother to two, is a Southern California gal born and bred. Is it really a surprise that she uses this kind of flower-child terminology? Of course not.

Besides, flower power must be working for Paltrow, she looks nowhere near her 40s so this philosophy must be good for one’s health. Or at least the complexion as well as that toned body and legs. Sure money goes a long way toward fighting the gravity that is a woman’s biggest enemy, but this inner peace thing must help a bit. It would be nice though if Gwyneth posted on her Goop website how to not unconsciously uncouple.

It must be possible. The law of logic demands it be so. For every action, blah, blah, blah. So if the new act of divorce is the realization of consciously becoming a non-couple, instead of the more depressing sounding divorce, more power to her and her Coldplay soon-to-be former hubby.

There are certain rumors that have sprung up saying that the Iron Man 3 star was cheating on Chris Martin. That combined with Paltrow admitting that she was a sex addict does make this a possibility. However, it also seems that the couple had an “open marriage” which means that pretty much anything goes with pretty much whomever you want to “pretty much” with.

In a marriage with those kind of non-rules, perhaps one of them did actually unconsciously uncouple, or at the very least set themselves up for an involuntary new age divorce. The most recent news says that the couple will be uncoupling in the same house and under the same roof.

Gwyneth Paltrow did say, before coining the new conscious uncoupling term, that she and Chris were first and foremost parents. So it does make sense for the uncouple to stay close in terms of raising their two children. They may be living together after their conscious decision to separate, but, it would be appreciated if either of them could tell everyone else how not to unconsciously uncouple. As a way of preventing an accidental new age divorce, which is a bitter flower whatever the name.

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