Hillary Rodham Clinton Should Not Run for Office in 2016

Hillary Rodham Clinton Should Not Run for Office in 2016Hillary Rodham Clinton should not run for office in 2016. Such a statement is almost guaranteed to be met with vicious hate mail from feminists, hipsters, Democrats, and just about anyone who does not identify with the ideals or principles on the Right side of the political spectrum. Before the comments start to roll in, the idea that Clinton should not run for president has nothing to do with her gender.

The time is ripe for a female president in the United States. One of the few things that Americans on both sides of the aisle can agree on is that Barack Obama has successfully shattered the idea that the president needs to be a stuffy old white guy. Instead, an individual can be young, idealistic, charismatic, and any race on the planet and be the leader of this nation. That is something everyone should be celebrating. The door is wide open for a woman to step into one of the most important political positions in the world. However, just like with a male president, not just any female will do. She needs to be a woman of character, a lady who stands for the principles of truth, justice, and will take her role as defender of the Constitution seriously. Unfortunately, Clinton has not demonstrated that she possesses any of these qualities, which are essential to leading the country.

If one is thinking that this statement is untrue, here are a few reasons Hillary Rodham Clinton should not run for office in 2016. The American people are tired of the dishonesty from politicians at all levels. President Obama and his predecessors have made lying an art form that has now come to be expected from elected officials. Clinton has a proven track record of being less than honest with the American people. The most recent example of this is her involvement in the Benghazi scandal, where she and a number of other top officials in the government continue to blame shift rather than assume responsibility for the events that transpired. Many, including former Rep. Allen West, believe that Clinton chose politics over people, deciding to focus on placing herself in a favorable position for a  2016 presidential run. Whether this is true or not, much of Clinton’s conduct during this investigation has been questionable, which does not look good for someone desiring to be in the highest leadership position in the land.

Hillary Clinton would be running as a Democrat, and the citizens of the country do not view her party with much favor at the moment. President Obama’s approval rating has toppled in recent months from 43 percent, down to 41 percent. Much of this dissatisfaction stems from the massive debacle that is ObamaCare, along with the IRS scandal and the manner in which the Benghazi matter has been handled. People are not happy with the performance of Democrats, who will have had eight years to fix the economy. Since Clinton is part of that same establishment, that means if she is elected, the country is in for more of the same tired policies, which have already proven to be ineffective.

Clinton is a huge supporter of the state, with many of her policy positions falling into the “big government” category. She is a huge supporter of social welfare programs, which are expanding and growing at a rate that is completely unsustainable in the long-term. Clinton’s solution to this problem is wealth redistribution through taxes, as is evidenced by advocating to repeal parts of Bush-era tax cuts. She has also not signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge, which promises not to create new taxes or raise ones that are already in effect.

Clinton’s stance on the free-market is also alarming, as this system is the cornerstone of a free republic. She has stated in the past that a free market that is not regulated by the government is a disruptive force in the lives of Americans. For the last 12 years America has had people in the White House (both Democrat and Republican) who have abandoned free market principles, and it has ended in nothing but disaster. The country’s economy may not survive another big government president bent on manipulating the market in the name of “income equality.”  Politicians would be surprised at how effective a true free-market system works when the government gets out of the way. Of course, smaller government means a loss of power, so that might be part of the hesitancy to let the “invisible hand” of the market work its magic.

Is the country ready for a female president? Absolutely. Women are just as capable  and intelligent as any man out there, and some probably more so. Again, gender is not the issue. America needs candidates of both sexes with strong character and a dedication to free market principles and the Constitution. The nation must continue to look, since it is quite clear that if this criteria is followed, Hillary Rodham Clinton should not run for office in 2016.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell

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4 Responses to "Hillary Rodham Clinton Should Not Run for Office in 2016"

  1. Czerny   March 17, 2014 at 8:15 pm

    I find it laughable that a GOP article about how Hillary should not run could be taken seriously by anyone.
    As of the latest polls 38% of the voters would elect her today, and she’s not even nominated yet.
    The GOP knows they will lose to her in 2016 because they can’t get the hispanic vote, the black vote or the IQ-over-90 vote and she will erode what little of the womens vote they currently hold.

  2. Colin   March 16, 2014 at 9:04 pm

    What tedious old retreaded Republican boilerplate this article is. Hillary has been tempered by fire and has survived all comers. Let her run and see what comes of it. She is supremely experienced and less likely to be bought and sold, unlike the opposition that will have to generate huge sums of democracy-destroying money.

  3. gman229   March 16, 2014 at 7:49 am

    While i respect the opinion regarding Mrs. Clintons dishonest actions, i dont agree with the nation needing someone devoted entirely to free market principles. We actually had a completely free market at one time in our nations history and it allowed a few wealthy successful individuals take advantage over the rest of the nation.

  4. Steve Jenkins   March 15, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    I agree completely as Hillary should not run; Dick Cheney should run for President. We need a man of Cheney’s character and love for this nation. A man who will start a war based on falsified evidence and have thousands of young Americans die. We need Cheney as President so that the Military Defense Industry can make more money from the blood of our youth. We also need Him to run this nation so that we can have our entire financial system collapse again and provide us for the second time with the worst economy since the great depression. I may not vote for Hillary, but I can see the forest through the trees and know that this nation has been on life support since Bush and Cheney decimated this nation’s economy which will NEVER recover. History repeats itself because people never learn.


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