Honda Odyssey Recall Due to Fuel Pump Fire Risk

Honda Odyssey Recall

Honda is conducting a recall of 886,815 vans throughout the U.S. due to a problem with their fuel pump.  The recall includes Honda Odysseys with the model years 2005 through 2010.

The defect, which has been linked to a crack in the fuel pump’s strainer cover, could potentially lead to a fire.  These cracks occur when acidic chemicals combined with high temperatures cause the covers to weaken and break.

Once the cover cracks, gasoline fumes and leaks emanating from the strainer can lead to an increased risk for fire.

The auto maker does note, however, that no fires or injuries have occurred due to the defect.

While Honda is informing van owners about the problem now, they say that no parts will be available to make repairs until the summer.  When they become available, the automaker will give additional notice to owners.

Any cars with existing leaks, however, will not have to wait.  They will be repaired immediately.

By Nancy Schimelpfening