Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Shocks Again, Reveals Her Diet


Valeria Lukyanova, dubbed “Human Barbie” thanks to her doll-like appearance reveals her new diet and shocks the world with her ultimate goal, which is to live “on cosmic micro-food” and embrace her true demigod nature. The 23-year-old Ukrainian model stated that her looks are a tool through which she promotes her “spiritual ideas” and although she dismisses the rumors according to which she is the result of massive plastic surgeries and Photoshop, her tiny waist could be the result of following Breatharianism. Lukyanova has made a career out of being a human Barbie and has plenty of followers, including Blondie Bennett, the woman who is deliberately lowering her IQ in order to become a real-life doll.

“Space Barbie,” a documentary made by VICE, portrays the Ukrainian model as an alien who uses looks to enlighten the public and convince the masses to embrace her beliefs. Now, human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova shocks again and reveals her diet which only consists of air and light and her plan to survive on energy from sunlight. Four people have reportedly died after trying to adhere to Breatharianism and a woman from Seattle has dropped the diet after 47 days of drinking only water and tea.

In recent weeks I have not been hungry at all,” Lukyanova said. She also stated that the lack of appetite is the final stage of the change and it could mean that this diet can become a lifestyle. The human Barbie’s goal of living without water or food comes after she stated that she can speak with aliens through light, a reason why she has become a spiritual teacher. Her demigod nature supposedly allows her to have out-of-body experiences and travel through time.

Deadly Diet

The new diet that the 23-year-old model has embraced is not necessarily meant to lose weight, but to prove that humans are able to live on light and air. However, Doctor Ronald Hoffman, Medical Director of the Hoffman Center stated that Breatharianism resembles plants’ photosynthesis, but since humans do not have chlorophyll or chloroplasts, they do not have “the ability to capture energy from sunlight.”

Naveena Shine, 65 has followed Lukyanova’s diet for 47 days, but complicated reasons caused her to end the experiment. During daily YouTube and Facebook posts, Shine complained of nausea, light-headedness and stated that she felt her extremities to be cold. Although she could not prove whether people can or cannot live without food or water, the Seattle woman still believes that it is possible.

Barbie Dangerous Craze

Valeria Lukyanova has become a model for women who wish to become perfect and Blondie Bennett is such an example. The 38-year-old California woman may not be willing to adhere to Breatharianism, but she has been doing hypnotherapy sessions a few times per week in order to lower her IQ level and become an authentic Barbie. I want people to see me as a plastic sex doll and being brainless is a big part of that,” Bennett said. Currently, she is unemployed and the expensive plastic surgeries are paid by fans who donate money in exchange for photos of her dressed as a Barbie.

Valeria Lukyanova, the woman who started the human Barbie trend has shocked again when she revealed her diet which only consists of air and light. She also stated that being a mother is not part of her plan, because she comes from another universe where “everyone is asexual.”

By Gabriela Motroc


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  1. Debbie   February 4, 2018 at 11:11 am

    She is not the only one who has deliberately lowered her iq I took over 12months to go from 110 to 65 yes I am now totally dependant upon others for everything now from dressing myself which I can no longer do . To losing my driver’s license . The state pays for my caregivers now I live in a step down nursing home now if my iq goes down any more I will be moved into the full nursing care side .

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