Infection With Tuberculosis Transmitted From Cats to Humans


The health ministry in the UK reported that they have discovered the first cases of transmission of tuberculosis infection from cats to humans. These are the first such cases recorded. The owners of sick cats must be extremely careful.

British health ministry has reported alarming news that they have discovered two cases of transmission of tuberculosis from cats to humans. As they say, the bacterium of tuberculosis was detected in nine cats in the areas of Berkshire and Hampshire last year. 39 people have allegedly been in contact with animals. Those who have been in contact with animals were offered a medical examination. 24 people responded to the offer and two of them were diagnosed with tuberculosis. They immediately began treatment. Infection was also detected with two other people, but the disease has not yet developed, they say.

The analysis of samples of tuberculosis in humans and infected cats has shown that they are not different. This proves that the disease is actually transferred from infected cats. As reported by the British Health Ministry, the bacterium can be transmitted from infected animals to humans by inhalation of infected air or by unprotected touching of the damaged areas on the skin.

Tuberculosis is a contagious lung disease that primarily affects the lungs and often runs chronically, with many complications which can also lead to death. TB germs can also affect other organs and organ systems. It is one of the three most deadly infectious diseases in the world (AIDS, TB, malaria).

These are the first documented cases of transmission of tuberculosis from cats to humans, and we estimate that the probability of such infection is very low, “said Dilys Morgan, one of the leading researchers in the British Institute of Public Health.” Tuberculosis is a serious disease, but with proper treatment also treatable, “she adds. It is treated with long-term use of antibiotics. The treatment lasts between six months and one year. After a few weeks of treatment, the person is no longer infectious, but it is important to proceed with the recommended treatment. Infection

Tuberculosis is a curable disease, but it is far from being eradicated. Nine million people worldwide are annually diagnosed with tuberculosis, while three million die. The difficulty in the fight against tuberculosis is mainly a type of tuberculosis that is resistant to drugs, the World Health Organization recently pointed out. Tuberculosis is still a major problem due to poor health care, poor living conditions and poverty in certain parts of the world.

Risk factors that contribute to facilitating the transfer and susceptibility to infection with tuberculosis are: reduced physical defensive ability in general or due to HIV infection, diabetes, other serious lung diseases and treatment with certain medicines. The proportion of the occurrence of tuberculosis has decreased over the course of decades, thanks to the better living conditions and hygiene practices, vaccination against tuberculosis, successful medicines, improved operating techniques, control of milk, etc.

Prevention of the disease is possible with rapid diagnosis and immediate treatment. Tidy and hygienic living environment, adequate food, rest and consolidation of physical forms are the best means to defend the infection.

By: Janette Verdnik




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