iPhone 6 Dream Features Include Holographic Screens

iPhone 6There are many iPhone 6 dream features and one of those is the holographic screens. The idea is that cameras at the sides of the device will stretch the screen onto a flat surface, so users can type on a bigger surface and do more with their smartphone. There are many other features that people would love on their phone, but really are just dreams for now. However, there are some that users may just get to see with the next iPhone model.

Everpress app developer Sam Beckett recently released a video with some of the expected features of the iPhone 6. The video is just full of concepts that would make sense, but none have yet been confirmed by the iPhone creators at Apple. The confirmations will not come until later this year, when the tech giant is ready to release its new flagship phone.

In the latest video, there is the idea that the phone will be thinner but larger. It has been nicknamed the iPhone Air, since it would make a move in the same direction as the iPad Air. While it will be around nine percent thinner than its predecessor, the iPhone 5S, it will be around eight percent bigger. This helps to factor the 4.7-inch screen, which is 17 percent larger than before.

A better camera has always been something that customers have wanted, and with the Samsung cameras getting better it is time for Apple to step up. The iPhone 5S has an 8MP camera, but the new model has a 10MP camera in the video.

The video does not show all the dream features that people want from the iPhone 6, including the holographic screen. SET Solution produced its own video to show some of the dream features that it believes Apple should consider for future models.

One of those is an advanced unlocking feature. This involves a locked padlock appearing out of the device for people to knock. A 3D screen would also open the opportunity for many other features that have never been possible before. It would open the gates for a variety of games and apps from developers all over the world.

Many people like to multitask. When they use computers, they can have emails, social networking sites and documents open. With just one click of a button they can have those different programs on the same screen. This is something that smartphones lack, and SET Solution believes it is time for Apple to introduce something with their iPhone 6. The holographic screen would make this possible, since users can push one app to the side of the phone. However, it is a dream feature that is likely not going to happy yet.

Companies need to start becoming more innovative. Apple started it with the original iPhone and then went a step further with the introduction of Siri. However, there is still more to come. Beckett has created a video of likely features for the upcoming iPhone 6, but it does not show the dream features like the holographic screens.

By Alexandria Ingham


The Los Angeles Times



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  1. Loretta Durfee   September 9, 2014 at 7:17 pm

    I want the 6 to be holographic. I have predicted it for 2 years. I love technology


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