Jimmy Carter Signs 1,600 Copies of ‘A Call to Action’ at Powell’s Books

CarterSunday turned out to be quite the eventful day for former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. Hundreds of fans of the 39th U.S. President of the United States came out to Powell’s books, an independent bookstore in Portland, Ore., to get their copies signed of his latest new book, “A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power.” The 89-year-old former President appeared for the book signing at 2 p.m., greeted by a massive line that had already begun to form around the bookstore several hours before. He stayed for two hours and ultimately ended up signing 1,600 copies of “A Call to Action” at Powell’s by the end of the afternoon.

The former president signed books for fans for more than two hours, and book buyers were allowed to get up to six of his books signed. Carter has written a total of 28 books over the course of his lifetime. At the signing, the 89-year-old Carter was signing a book every 10 seconds or so. A book purchase was required in order for fans to get a signing. “A Call to Action” has received mostly positive reviews since its release.

The signing of the remarkable 1,600 copies of ‘A Call to Action’ at Powell’s Books was part of former President Jimmy Carter’s tour of the United States as he promotes his new book, in which he primarily covers the issues of abuse of women and girls. Carter says that this issue is of one of the most serious facing the world at this time. Religion, he says in his book, is one of the main causes of the abuse, and generally sexist interpretations of various religious texts is aiding in the dilemma. As well, the former president’s book also targets the issues of violence and war, saying that the increasing acceptance of these issues are only perpetuating the problems that women are facing in regards to abuse. President Carter says in his book that, sadly, the violence and warfare issue is due in large part to the world following an example set by the United States that has occurred predominantly over the course of his lifetime.

Carter also asserts in his book that the abuse of women is taking place in the form of such tragedies as child marriages, human trafficking, female genital mutilation, and unequal pay for women. He says that people are just looking the other way and not acknowledging, problem solving, and facing the issues head on. The book was inspired by Carter’s travels around the world; seeing 145 countries in his lifetime, the former president became aware of the issues women face in regards to abuse and oppression, and is now inviting a call to action and change by people around the world.

Jimmy Carter, after signing an impressive 1,600 copies of ‘A Call to Action’ at Powell’s, will next appear at Quail Ridge Books & Music in Raleigh on Wednesday, April 2, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. to sign his next batch of books for fans. Photos will be permitted, but no one will be allowed to pose with Carter himself.

By Laura Clark


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