Joakim Noah and Da Bulls Kill It in Overtime


Joakim Noah and his Bulls squad drop major bombs and killed it in over time. Bulls hit their home court and snatched another win from the Miami Heat. Noah stunned audiences yet again with another stellar performance. He left the heat running around in circles as he taunted their bench. Noah is in the battle of his life to prove he is championship worthy.

The Bulls 95-88 win against the Heat is ruffling many feathers and prompting unanswered free agency questions.  Will Carmelo Anthony come to Chicago if they keep up this spectacular run of victory? The new-school dynamic duo of Augustin and Noah finessed the court with silky smooth passes and bone-crushing boards. Noah snatched down 12 rebounds and threw up 20 points, while Augustin tagged teamed the Heat annihilation and threw in his 22 points from the bench. Reminiscent of the way Da Bulls would kill it in overtime with Nate Robinson’s and Noah’s explosive presence.

Thibodeau has a method to his madness and obviously it is working.  Mind boggling why Augustin continues to come off the bench with his level of production.  It can possibly be to pad the points coming from the bench.  As a cohesive unit the Bulls are playing with more confidence than ever. Butler was able to come in, shut James down and hold him to 17 points.  Butler was also able to deliver a crucial block on James ending regulation.  Bulls are known for there cut throat defense and Butler fits into the mold perfectly.

Wade was able to find a couple creases in the defense and score his 25 points; but even with Bosh throwing up his 15 points the Heat could not muster enough fire to compete with the Bulls flaming offense. Gibson contributed crucial points in the last minutes of the game that gave the Bulls some serious momentum heading into overtime. Once the Bulls attained that five point lead in overtime there was not much James and his camp could do.

What does this caliber of play mean as Da Bulls grind closer to the playoffs? With the loss of so multiple momentous type players, Rose and Deng, onlookers were prepared to scrap the season. Scrapping the season would mean just wait for the next draft pick or free agent and start from scratch. The Bulls with that Chicago windy steam blowing out of each nostril would in no way take these blows laying down. They have come back from the All-Star break with guns a blazing taking no prisoners.

In past years Bulls have been notorious for performing at a ruff raw level of gritty excellence.  This excellence may even follow them into the first round of the playoffs and then disaster hits and it is back to square one.  The rumors of Carmelo Anthony continue to swarm daily with no answers or signs as to his final decision.  With Noah’s lips sealed about he and Anthony’s conversation exchange more excitement is added to the pot.  Is Noah trying to convince Anthony to join forces with him, Augustin, Hinrich, Butler, and a healthy Rose?  If so will he take the bait and tip the scales of Midwest domination?  Offering a healthy Rose at this point is probably more fantasy than reality.  Noah will kill it every time as long as Da Bulls bring that ferocious overtime animal instinct.

Editorial By Ebony Waller




Merced Sun-star

Sports Illustrated

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