Joan Rivers TKO by Miss Piggy a Piece of Cake (Video)

Joan Rivers TKO by Miss Piggy a Piece of Cake (Video)

Friday night at the QVC pre Oscars event Joan Rivers got TKO’d by Miss Piggy and had to flee the bash with what looked to be a piece of cake packed on her plastic puss. Apparently the two were comparing jewelry lines when Rivers got confrontational with the diva. The 80 year-old Fashion Police co-host and In Bed With Joan YouTube host clearly started the fracas that ended with her being shoved face-first into a multi-layered cake. You can see the two argue in the video at the end of the article.

It was while discussing sales that Rivers threw down the gauntlet asking the not-so diminutive Miss Piggy if they were selling “half-baked” ham. The diva responded by asking if she was going to do pork jokes. Miss Piggy then started doing a plastic surgery riff. As she attempted to leave, Joan stopped her and pushed the muppet leading lady back.

Miss Piggy then pushed Rivers back and Joan accused her of touching her breast. The comedienne and writer then told the porky singer and actress that the joke was on her, that her breasts were “down there now” as she pointed towards the floor while she explained where her “bristols” really were.

The two mega-stars then got into a short pushing contest, which Joan should have won since she has been accused of being too pushy in the past, but Miss Piggy actually was the victor…or victoria as the case may be. After being pushed into a “passing” waiter, the pig went on the attack and pushed Rivers face first into the cake.

After this TKO by Miss Piggy which, if she was asked, would surely have said that this action was a piece of cake; Joan is said to have fled the scene. Sadly no one was there with their handy Instagram application to catch this for posterity. Although someone did manage to get several pictures of Rivers dashing through the QVC crowd with icing on her face; in her hair and on the front of her, previously, lovely black pant-suit number.

Joan Rivers TKO by Miss Piggy a Piece of Cake (Video)
Joan shooting through the crowd compete with icing accessory,

While it could be presumed that this was some sort of stunt or prearranged “skit” set up by the aging and not-so-aging divas, the look on Rivers’ face seems to indicate otherwise. It seems that the “argument” got a little out of control and the bigger-than-life pig in a dress and tiara gave the legendary Hollywood host a “porkslap” into the three tiered cake.

Joan is said to have rushed to her car while security at the pre-Oscar event cleared a path for her. In one picture Rivers has her hand being held by a very serious, and concerned looking, man with glasses. The talk show host reportedly screamed at the chaps who cleared a path for her escape, to “get me to my car.”

It has been pointed out, by some, that it must be something personal between Miss Piggy and Joan Rivers. They say that in an earlier incident when Fergie popped Rivers in the face with a cake, she, Joan, thought it was funny and posed for a picture on set. In this instance, the piece of cake TKO orchestrated by the pig, left Rivers steaming and screaming for her car. See the icing whipped video below.

Joan Rivers TKO by Miss Piggy a Piece of Cake (Video)
Miss Piggy, the clear, and cleaner, winner.

By Michael Smith


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