Juan Pablo and The Bachelor Finale

Juan Pablo

One of the most controversial bachelors, Juan Pablo, will have his finale on tomorrow’s episode of The Bachelor. For all 18 seasons of The Bachelor Juan Pablo is the first to represent a minority. Blonde and light eyed, the public would never know his heritage, yet as soon as he opens his mouth his accent comes into play, as well many controversial sayings which he has continuously defended as misunderstandings given English is his second language.

Juan Pablo is the good looking single father voted out on week 6 of season 9 of The Bachelorette. According to Fox News, Juan Pablo was an odd choice given no one knew much more than the fact that he was a single father to a young girl, and was a former professional soccer player. In his season of The Bachelorette, Juan Pablo did not even have a one-on-one with his bachelorette.

ABC began promoting The Bachelor in January, their promos focused on portraying him as a sexy Latino. Viewers where exited to have things spiced up on the show. What they did not expect was the way he would spice things up.

The English language is not his forte, but neither is sensitivity. Here is a review of some of his controversies before The Bachelor finale. First he spoke to one of the contestants about not believing gay people should have an opportunity on The Bachelor, given they are “more pervert.” Juan Pablo has apologized on multiple occasions, saying he did not mean that. He has gone on to specify that the comment was a miscommunication, a thing that happens to him given English is a second language. What may be worse is that he does what all repentant people do; he tells the public that he loves gay people and has many gay friends.

Then there where the rose ceremonies where most of the girls did not show emotion when not receiving a rose; two of the ladies also left on their own accord, Andi and Sharleen. One of the most controversial episodes included Andi, a District Attorney from Georgia, who decided that before leaving she would confront Juan Pablo about his narcissistic tendencies. Andi told Juan Pablo that he was immature, and did not care about her life given he only spoke of his. She also stated that it was not okay to speak of his dates with other women, and that it was not okay to kiss when not speaking of himself. Her truest statement was that he needed to understand that not everything “is okay.” Something that was clearly appreciated by the cast and crew since they played a montage of him saying “is okay” on The Bachelor reunion special.

His controversies are not exclusive to the show; according to E! Online he retweeted a fan message that was considered insensitive towards people with mental handicaps by using the improper r—-d, instead of the politically correct “intellectually disabled.” Instead of apologizing for the comments, Juan Pablo deleted the comment and expressed how people need to travel and be cultured. He wrote that in Venezuela it is the appropriate term. Although using the proper speech would have not made a difference given the joke was meant to be a jab. There is no doubt that tonight’s Bachelor finale will have additional controversies.

Juan Pablo’s Bachelor Finale may be a relief for both the contestants and the network. This year’s bachelor has failed to recognize that he is a public figure and represents a brand. He has simply concentrated on being a sexy Latino and has forgotten that he has a public that demands him to be a prince charming and not another frog.

Opinion By Dony Lugo


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