LeBron James Targeted by Cleveland Who Plan for Big Moves


LeBron James reportedly will be targeted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the offseason, who are planning on making big moves in an attempt to attract the superstar. LeBron will be able to opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat and become a free agent this summer after the season is over. Big names such as Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge are rumored to be the primary targets of the Cavs though trades in the offseason, which could attract LeBron’s attention in coming back to Cleveland.

Finding another elite player to pair with Kyrie Irving was reportedly the plan to try to “ultimately serve as the bait to lure James back to the Cavs.” The Cavaliers have valuable “assets” available, which gives them many options in making some significant trades this summer. Acquiring Love and Aldridge through trades is no easy task, and the hope that LeBron James would come back to a city that he deserted makes this an unlikely scenario. Then again, the “Big 3” uniting in Miami started out in a similar fashion in 2010.

During “The Decision” in 2010, LeBron James was nationally televised as he chose to sign with the Miami Heat, a decision that left the city of Cleveland mostly angered and betrayed. LeBron went to Miami because he could play with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, two very talented players, which vastly improved his chances of winning championships. This was a successful move because, with the Heat, James has won two NBA Titles in the past two seasons.

LeBron James is being targeted by Cleveland because the franchise wants the superstar back to again bring a lot of success and income for them, but to lure Lebron back, they will have to plan to make big moves to attain other elite players. Cleveland seems to have taken notes on Miami’s strategy to land James in 2010 by supplying him with other sources of elite talent. The Cavaliers know that James would not currently sign with them, because of their poor record and lack of star players. But if the Cavaliers do go out and make trades for Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge, the organization knows that it could drastically improve their chances of bringing back LeBron.

Kevin Love is having a terrific season with the Minnesota Timberwolves that has him in the MVP discussion. The star power forward/center is averaging an impressive 26.5 points per game to go along with 13.2 rebounds per game. LaMarcus Aldridge is another “big man” powerhouse, who has been an All-Star the past three seasons. Aldridge has averaged 23.6 points per game and 11 rebounds per game for the Portland Trail Blazers this year. Both of these players will become free agents during the summer of 2015. However, a trade is possible this offseason because Minnesota and Portland could opt to trade away their stars for a high return if there is a small chance of re-signing them. The cost for these two star players through trades would likely cost the Cavs several key draft picks, and it would also likely involve some of Cleveland’s solid players.

This push by the Cleveland Cavaliers to target Lebron James – their former “golden boy” – is a planned attempt to make big moves and re-establish the franchise to its former elite days. The Cavs are making it clear that they want LeBron back, and this may be their last chance to do so if they want the superstar back in his prime. Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge are talented enough to be considered more than just “bait” in landing the big shark, and there is no guarantee that James would sign with Cleveland even if Love and Aldridge are acquired. A tall task is at hand by Cleveland if they are to lure LeBron back there, but history has shown that dreams can become realities in the NBA.

By Glen Parris

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