Juan Pablo Galavis Not America’s Favorite Bachelor

Juan Pablo Galavis.

He was the hot, single dad, soccer player whose appearance was first seen on last season’s “The Bachelorette,” but now Juan Pablo Galavis is the controversial character of “The Bachelor” season gone wrong. If fans had any doubts about this fun-loving, Spanish-speaking bachelor the season’s finale has given them more to criticize, and criticize they will! With all of the controversy surrounding this season it is more than clear that Juan Pablo Galavis is not America’s favorite bachelor.

 Since the season finale of “The Bachelor” Juan has been the hate of the nation, never mind the fact that he claims to be happy with his girlfriend Nikki. After many bad reviews, even throughout the season, fans have found it easy to criticize the bachelor for all of his “mistakes” during the season, which now is the fact that he did not propose to Nikki in the final episode of the season.

 Amy Kaufman of the Chicago Tribune stated Pablo is the most hated of the bachelor’s, even overpowering Jason Mesnick who was the Bachelor five years ago. Fans remember that Jason chose a girl to propose to on the finale only to dump her on national television and marry the runner-up.

 Even the host and producer, Chris Harrison, is lashing out about Pablo’s season gone wrong stating, “The more he spoke, the worse he looked,” about the final rose ceremony.

 In an interview Sean Lowe, the bachelor of the last season, and E! News said “it is hard to make Chris Harrison not like you.” Though, it seems like many people do not like Pablo or his decision to not propose to Nikki.

 But it seems like Juan Pablo Galavis was not winning the votes against America’s favorite bachelor even before his final episode decisions made him look like a jerk in the eye of the fans. In fact, it was his anti-gay remarks during the season that caused a stir, which producers told reporters ended up “overshadowing” Sean Lowe’s wedding. Pablo also had many other bad publicity moments that throughout the season lost “The Bachelor” many fans, including using the word retard in a post on Twitter.

 Sources say this season has not been anyone’s favorite.

 But was Juan Pablo Galavis set up for failure? Comments made by some fans of “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” say it is a difficult theme anyway because the show’s stars are given a set of women or men to choose from and are pressured to propose after only a few months’ time. In an interview with E! News Sean Lowe said he definitely felt pressure to propose but was happy to do so as he fell head over heels.

 Juan’s family also made statements reflecting this view stating, “He didn’t propose to her because I don’t think you are able to propose to somebody in just a month and a half,” though Juan’s family members were also criticized for basically giving him “a bad review” in the final episode.

 As usual, in the season finale the two finalists met with Juan’s family for which they received a lot of negative information about him from his parents and brother. Some of the comments reflected Juan’s argumentative side, his rudeness, his lack of commitment and more.

 Whether fans loved or hated the bachelor of the season it is definitely certain that this season’s finale was not well liked, but does Juan Pablo Galavis still have a chance at becoming America’s favorite bachelor? Some fans think that if he rethought his decision to not propose and made a grand gesture of love to Nikki all would be better, though they don’t foresee that happening anytime soon. So here’s to next season!

By Crystal Boulware

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Chicago Tribune
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  1. Kathy B NS   March 12, 2014 at 10:07 am

    The tide will turn. The “machine” that is the show, started to socially construct him negatively by editing things out that were positive, and including things that fit the negative image they were trying to construct of him, in order to distance themselves from him after he made a misconstrued comment about homosexuality. It’s pretty obvious to anyone who chooses to question what the powerful spin doctors are up to. It’s funny actually to watch all these second rate writers and web sites, and so called “celebrities” dominate the discussion and the rest of the puppets in the world eat it up as “truth”. Juan Pablo has been bullied by all the things that were portrayed about him. I can only imagine how powerless that must make one feel. However, you have seriously underestimated him! He is very intelligent and will persevere. Just wait and see. All this garbage about “worst bachelor ever” is pathetic. He was very respectful and kind to all the women. He didn’t drink alcohol and encouraged them not to. He refused to do the two dates thing because he saw it as hurtful to the women. He was so sensitive and kind. He was funny. Just b/c he made a comment outside the show, all of a sudden, like a pack of wild dogs, the show and media turned on him and yes, bit by bit, with each disparaging comment, or cleverly constructed image, they tried to make him seem to be a villain. Shame on ALL of you. To be so readily taken in, to be so manipulated by the powers that be on the show/station; to not think critically about what has happened, is a sad reflection of the level of intelligence in the mainstream!


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