Julius Malema the Man of the Moment

Julius Malema

At this moment, Julius Malema is the hero of South Africa. He is the man that can change South Africa and bring peace and stability to the country with his election manifesto, which states that now is the time for economic freedom.  The 2014 national elections will be held on May 7, and the political parties are rallying for votes with promises of a better future based mainly on the leaders.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) president, Julius Malema, will know the result of the fervent meetings and rallies that he has held around the country on May 7. He released his party’s manifesto and said that 2014 is a crucial year in the history of South Africa because it marks twenty years since the first democratic election that ended the apartheid regime.

Julius Malema has said that even after twenty years of democracy, black people are not free and remain trapped in poverty. The living conditions have deteriorated and have become unhealthy. He says that black people do not own land, have no homes, and live a terrible life. According to Malema, black workers are still paid slave wages and work in dangerous conditions in mines, farms, and other workplaces.

Twenty years marks a struggle to survive for most black people, who are trapped in debt and have no financial freedom. Basic services are not provided in a broad spectrum of areas, and some do not have water. The education system has failed, and the fishing communities do not have access to fishing rights. Racial discrimination still exists in the professional sectors and is unfairly punished.

Police brutality is spiraling out of control, and innocent people are being killed. Teachers, health care workers, and other civil service workers earn low salaries and are given no respect. The army also receives little respect and is paid a pittance, while they are sent to fight wars with no compensation, while the military veterans are neglected.

Women and children are subject to violent crimes, including rape. People with disabilities are worse off now than ever before.

Malema marked all the wrongs currently experienced by the country’s black people and made no mention of white or any other ethnic group suffering from inequality, but stated that the policy of his party was to create positive change for the people.

The plan of the EFF is to gain majority support around South Africa, secure political power through policy, and organize the people to vote for his party. The EFF wants to control the state electoral politics for the transformation of all people.

Most important for Malema is to gain control of the economy and to change policies to benefit the people of South Africa. Malema said that the EFF’s program is revolutionary and believes a socialist system is the only feasible strategy that will stop the suffering of the people.

The EFF thinks there is enough wealth within the country for everybody in South Africa. Malema said the wealth is currently spread via a deep and irregular system based on historical circumstances. He said the people who acquired wealth have done so illegally through colonial wars.

Malema’s first fundamental transformation will be the expropriation of land without compensation in order to distribute it to disadvantaged people. Following that will be efforts to nationalize mines, banks and any other sector they may deem necessary, again without compensation. Abolishing government tenders and providing free education, healthcare, houses, and sanitation is another commitment from Malema, as well as the restructuring of the business taxes to benefit the poor.

The election of Malema will mean an overhaul of the justice system and the implementation of massive growth within the African Continent.  The government will be corruption-free, open, and accountable without fear of victimization by government agencies.

Malema, the man of the moment is popular, and promises a heavenly South Africa.  He is a definite vote winner from the poor, rural people who do not know what else to believe.

The only mention of white South Africans by Malema was the unfairness of earnings which, according to him, remains about six times more than black people. Malema went on to mention that racial discrimination based on race, gender, and origin remained widespread among professional people.

Malema mentioned the wrongs that glared at the world and the little that has been done in the last twenty years and vows to rectify the past with his revolutionary program.

Also mentioned was food security and the importance of not producing enough to feed the people of South Africa, because exports were so high that the nation cannot feed itself. He also mentioned the poor infrastructure and the failing education and justice systems currently undermining the democracy of the country.

On the international relations program, the EFF said that it would work toward ending the global imperialist domination of the West and build relations with Asia and other African countries. In particular, Malema favors building strong relations with China, Russia, and Latin American countries. Immediately upon control of South Africa, all ties with Israel will be severed and his party will form solidarity with the Palestinians.

The EFF will protect Zimbabwe from imperialist threats and sanctions and would cut ties with Botswana because of the U.S.-based military hub there while pushing for strong internal reforms within that country.

Malema has a plan – a radical plan – to rebuild South Africa into a communist country in order to give people what they want.  The hope for the economic liberation of South Africa is sweeping across the country as more and more people voice their support for Julius Malema – the man of the moment.

Opinion by Laura Oneale





6 Responses to "Julius Malema the Man of the Moment"

  1. SEEBEE   March 10, 2014 at 12:50 am

    Malema is right. blacks are still suffering

  2. sonnyboy   March 4, 2014 at 1:30 am

    Is true Malema, I have been renting for 10 years now in a shake (mkhukhu) I have no stand or a place to built a house for my children yet there are a lot of lands around us.

    • Sello Harrolt Magabane   March 4, 2014 at 1:59 am

      Hi sunnyboy. You are a kind of man who deserves to know the truth. You have a right to land(as in section 20-12 in chapter 2 of our constitution). I’m not really sure if you have been denied access to land in the past 10 years as you said or it was because of financial problems that you can’t build your own place. Keep in mind that your rights must not interfere with my right, e.g I have right to property and you have right to freedom of movement. Because I have right to my property, if you come to my place because of your right to freedom of movement, you are oppressing my human rights.

      By this I’m trying to say, if the lands around you has not been yet occupied, you have right to it but if they are already occupied, your right doesn’t apply(Just as you can’t allow me to take you out of you shack).

  3. Antoinettekalzant   March 3, 2014 at 6:18 am

    I see major problems for south africa if this man ever gets the upper hand…civil war comes to mind…

  4. Sello Harrolt Magabane   March 2, 2014 at 8:03 am

    This man is such a liar. He has been in the ANC(as Youth League president) since 2009 and he didn’t see corruption. He can’t say government will be free while he is still owing SARS R16m. He is the same person who has been expelled from the ANC because of corruption.

  5. alf haupt   March 2, 2014 at 2:22 am

    the problem with an arsehole is that it only grows bigger —-alf haupt [thailand ]

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