Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Caught Kissing! (Video)


One minute they’re a couple, the next there not. What’s going on with these two? Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were caught kissing in Starbucks. The two stars can’t seem to call it quits. With video feeds and pictures showing up all over, one can only imagine what’s really going on here. Is this a publicity stunt, or are they really back together?

Apparently, the couple met up in McAllen, Texas this past Friday to enjoy a breakfast together and do a little shopping. The couple was spotted at the Mexican restaurant Don Pepe’s where the two love birds ate heuvos rancheros and pork chops.

The manager of the restaurant claimed the two had not been hiding themselves or being shy about their affection “hugging and kissing in front of the staff” they said. Should people assume that the two are now back together, or is this just another fling? “They weren’t hiding it and seemed to be boyfriend and girlfriend.” Said the manager.

The duo allegedly also visited the Royal Perfumeria store where Bieber bought two cologne, Givenchy Pour Homme and Givenchy Pour Homme.

The two young pop idols were also seen dancing Friday afternoon at Action Dance Studio, with people watching that as well. They spent two hours dancing in a private room with a choreographer apparently. The owner of the club said that the two seemed really close and into each other. supposedly the floor was covered with plastic during their dance. Who knows what that was about. A body-guard stayed on the lookout while the stars had their private dance session.

Could this be for an upcoming music video rehearsal starring the two, or simply a day of fun? Gomez was in Texas for a concert at the Hidalgo State Farm Arena. This is her first show since her alleged stay in rehab. Siting’s of the two have been popping up all over, these two stars keep getting caught hanging out and now their kissing? Apparently Bieber had gotten quite annoyed after being questioned about Gomez at a confessional hearing concerning a lawsuit filed by one photographer, in Miami.

Just recently, the Bieber posted on twitter that he saw a great show last night (Saturdays). Usher was in Texas as well 5 hours away from Hidalgo. Perhaps that’s the show he was talking about. Gomez recently tweeted out a picture of herself with her shades on , holding a Starbucks cup and the tweet read “Hidalgo, I’ve missed this, ill see you soooon.” The couple were spotted in a few picture wearing ultra casual attire, Bieber in his jean shorts and sneakers, Gomez wearing a black hoodie, skinny jeans and white sneakers.

Bieber and Gomez had allegedly called the coffee shop ahead of time and made arrangements to have a private area to sit at Starbucks for them and their friends. They were not making a lot of noise, in fact the table of friends seemed pretty quiet one reporter says. Not uncommon for celebrities to make such demands, and these two singers caught kissing know the paparazzi will see their every move, so it’s quite the statement they are making by showing up in public together. Could this be a reunion that will last? Watch the video for more information.

By Katie Sevigny


Daily Mail

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