Justin Bieber Helps Fan Lose 122 Pounds, Sort Of

Justin Bieber

Crazy Justin Bieber fans will do anything for their idol, going as far as getting thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery to look like him or breaking into his mansion and sleeping overnight in an empty room. One fan, however, has achieved something less extreme and quite inspiring spurred on by her love for Bieber. In a year, Bryanna Debinder lost 122 lbs to prove that she truly is one of his biggest fans. Amidst his troubles the pop star, sort of, has helped change a life.

Debinder recounts to the Daily Mail that during school when she was nine she would be bullied for her size. A diet of fatty foods, including cookies and pizza catapulted her weight to 266 pounds in high school. The 20-year-old Pennsylvanian said that even a family member taunted her for being obese.

Now majoring in psychology, Debinder’s obsession with Bieber began in 2009 when she saw him performing on MTV. The pop star was crooning to One Time, his platinum single, and Debinder instantly fell in love with the star. Eventually, she met Bieber at a radio contest and it was then that her life began to change.

The super fan has filled her room with several posters of Justin Bieber, including a life-sized poster on her bedroom door, along with a Bieber shower curtain, Bieber dolls, and Bieber duct tape. Debinder also owns the pop star’s signature colognes, The Key and Someday, so as to smell like her idol all day, every day. Also, she of course is always present at Bieber’s concerts.

Debinder said she had become jealous of all the slim girls who Justin Bieber pulled onto the stage during his concerts. This would be exacerbated on Twitter where Debinder said she would spend hours messaging Bieber only to be ignored by him, while the tweets of other more beautiful girls would be replied to. The 20-year-old, who never had a boyfriend, said that the no response on Twitter hurt her feelings, but she understood being that he has millions of followers and gets thousands of tweets daily.

With all the beautiful girls grabbing his attention, Debinder had come to the truth that she would never be noticed by Justin Bieber. The pop star would sort of help her lose 122 pounds, in an indirect way of course, her obsession leading her to go on a diet of vegetables and fruits. The fan also watched exercise videos on YouTube and did sit-ups to help her lose weight cutting back from 266 lb to 144 lbs.

Debinder told the Daily Mail that she believes “everyone deserves a chance to be noticed by the person they love,” calling herself his biggest fan. Her dream was to be the girl Bieber sang to.

Recently, the pop star has been in the spotlight for his sort of bad boy antics and legal troubles, including suspicion of driving under the influence in January 2014 and being charged for assault on a limousine driver in December 2013. Debinder defends Bieber stating that he is misunderstood and his actions are twisted by others. Now, having lost 122 pounds thanks to the help of her love for her idol, the fan goes on to say that Justin Bieber is a “good person,” a fact she says held not only by her, but all the Beliebers.

By Kollin Lore


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