Justin Bieber Penis Redacted

Police have released never before seen video of Justin Bieber, however, they say that the penis shot will be redacted. The footage came from Bieber’s arrest back on January 23rd, and includes footage of him urinating. Bieber was arrested for drunk driving, and charged with resisting arrest, and driving with an expired license. Almost as soon as his arrest was made public news outlets requested the footage from the arrest. The Miami-Dade judge in the case, Judge Atfield, ruled that footage of Bieber taking the urine test could be released to the public but his private parts would have to be blacked out in order protect the singer’s privacy.

The police department has already released some of the footage of Bieber taking the sobriety test and footage of him being searched. Lawyers for the star argued though that images of him urinating violated his privacy. The judge disagreed and the footage was released because the “public has a right to know.” A hearing has been scheduled for Tuesday March 11 in the DUI case.

Along with the video the police department has already released a number of photos of the star mostly focusing on his various tattoos. Footage of Bieber interacting with law enforcement, and three of the clips released from the police department were not redacted, because they are taken at an angle where viewers cannot make out Justin Bieber’s penis.

This is not the first time the star has been in trouble with the law. Previously he was arrested in California for allegedly egging a neighbor and in December the star was arrested when he was accused of assaulting a limo driver. At this point the Los Angeles County District Attorney has not decided whether to file charges in the egg assault, but is reviewing the evidence.

Florida has public record laws that allow news organizations to request the footage be released. At this point ten hours of footage has been released to the public but the footage in question has yet to be released. Judge Atfield, who handled the request, told court officers to blur out the image to protect the young star’s privacy. The urine test revealed that Bieber had prescription Xanax, marijuana, and alcohol in his system. The attorney for Bieber said that the star was happy with the judge’s ruling.

The judge added that while people who are arrested have less of an expectation to privacy than the general public they are “not like animals in a zoo,” and he added that their expectation of privacy included an expectation of dignity. Three of the clips were released immediately, with the judge asking that some type of technological technique be used to blur out the area which depicted “objectionable images.”

With the public thirsty for knowledge about the star it is not surprising to see a request to see anything including his genitals. Judge Atfield in this case though has sided with the star and his right to privacy to make sure that Justin Beiber’s penis is redacted before being turned over to the public for scrutiny.

By Rachel Woodruff

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