Justin Bieber Still Smelling Sweet Above the Riffraff

Justin Bieber Still Smellimg Sweet Above the Riffraff

Justin Bieber is still smelling sweet above his raunchy recent behavior and riffraff of choices. He continues to flex his well defined muscles on stage and in the jailhouse, as he faces the consequences he has duly earned for his actions over the last few months. The barely 20 year old is aging before our eyes with all the grown-up stuff he thought he could ignore. Still, as he touts his tattoos and the ability to do push-ups, he is pushing forgiveness from his loyal fans and the investments he has made over his career. Coming out ahead in his mind will only mean rosy and sweet revenues from the seeds he has planted and continues to reap.

The son of a young, single mom, the Canadian Bieber rose to fame not that long ago with bangs across his forehead and a gentle way with words and song. The girls swooned and the concerts became sold out. Along the way, Bieber hit the charts, fluffed up his style and got on with his own life of fame and fortune. He barely stopped for air as he did things his own way, gaining a girlfriend, actress Selena Gomez, and plowing into new projects. Even as he was coached by sway artists and producers, Bieber has made his own decisions in the business world.

Smelling sweet is what Bieber craves and desires with his many fans and Beliebers, as they are rightly called. He has created a following of young, mostly girl fans over the years and can do no wrong in their admiring eyes. Despite his mishaps and missteps, Bieber has stayed the course with the ones who have endeared themselves to him. Creating ambience is what he has done with his intrigue, charisma and an everlasting presence.

Being savvy in the business world, long before his recent spiral downward, Bieber heeded the call and took advice from someone to invest his earnings into things that would be ongoing. Forking out money to tech companies, such as Spotify, Bieber also wisely invested in the world of perfume. Surprisingly, he has been able to introduce three fragrances for both men and women.

His first fragrance came out in 2012 and was named appropriately Someday. As in all of his famed perfumes, the essence and enhancement of romance and possibilities promised a good return. Currently still prominently displayed in most major department stores, the scent of Bieber can be captured in just a spray mist of the hair, travel scents, perfume or lotion.

Justin Bieber Still Smelling Sweet above the RiffraffHis second line that hit the retail stores and online orders was called Girlfriend. The ads for the fragrance feature a dark haired beauty snuggling close to Bieber, but still anonymous in name. Maybe his true love Gomez was the model, but it leaves the door open for any other possibility.

Using natural scents from nature, Bieber’s perfumes echo the essence of musk, vanilla and orange blossom. Also infusing exotic woods, blackberry, strawberry and apricot, his other two fragrances have been enticing and full of flavor and fruity expectation.  Girlfriend and newest scent aimed at men, The Key, comes in lotions, hair mist and everyday perfumes for the one who wants to experience life’s dreams and mature adventures.

Opting out of the scent that may waif of beer, pot, eggs, sweaty shirts and dirty hats, Bieber has left his options open. As Bieber sweats it out with his latest antics and activities, he said to be chilling in Atlanta with pals.  Not assuming too much on his concert tours as the law closes in, his former investments, the scents and smells of his past may well prove the ticket to his success. Bieber may well surprise us in the coming years with his investments of staying sweet above the riffraff and reaping the rewards of his reign in glory.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon



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