Kanye West Got More Than He Bargained for During ‘Vogue’ Photo Shoot

Kanye WestAccording to financee Kim Kardashian, Kanye West got a lot more than he bargained for during their Vogue photo shoot. Nine-month-old North decided that she did not want to wait for the nappy to be put back on her, and peed all over her dad.

Kardashian shared the secret during her interview with Seth Meyers on Late Night With Seth Meyers, and explained just how hard it was to keep the photo shoot a secret. They could not tell anybody about Vogue photographers coming to see them, except the 33-year-old’s mother, Kris Jenner. The hardest part was keeping her sisters out of the way, who knew that there was something going on.

The reality TV star had to use West as an excuse. She said that her fiance had his own photo shoot and could not be disturbed. It was not completely a lie, and worth it to be able to keep the secret and get on the cover of the magazine.

During the interview with Meyers, he asked about the controversial cover an whether she knew she would get that prestigious spot. Her tweet last week hinted that she had no idea that it would be on the front of the fashion bible, and Kardashian made it clear that she had no idea. She just thought she was doing a spread within the magazine about her family.

The couple has managed a number of firsts for the magazine, and West getting more than he bargained for during the Vogue photo shoot could be one of them. Some of the other firsts have been a reality TV show, a rapper and an interracial couple on the front cover. Kardashian has not said whether a baby peeing during the shoot has ever happened before. It may not be something she is aware of.

Putting Kardashian and West on the cover of the magazine has definitely cause a stir across the globe. A number of fans of the fashion bible have shown annoyance and disgust at the decision, including celebrity fans. Naomi Campbell and Sarah Michelle Gellar publicly shared their disgusted at the decision to put “the world’s most talked about couple” on the cover of their favorite publication. It has even led to talk of cancelling subscriptions for the magazine.

However, there are many others who support the decision. The 33-year-old’s PR friend hit back at Gellar for her tweet about cancelling her subscription. Others have said that those who are against it are jealous of the couple.

There have been a number of photos shared from the magazine spread, and many of them include the couple and their nine month old daughter. Kardashian wears a number of white dresses, hinting towards the upcoming wedding. The dress the celebrity will wear has still not been confirmed, and the various styles in the photo shoot will keep everyone guessing.

While the decision to put the couple on the cover has caused controversy, both are taking it all in their stride. They are happy that it has finally happened, even if West did get more than he bargained for during the Vogue photo shoot.

By Alexandria Ingham


Us Weekly

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