Kate Middleton Gives Prince Harrys Girl Advice

Kate Middleton
It’s official! Cressida Bonas attended an official engagement for the first time with Prince Harry. And things are looking serious for the young couple. So much so that Kate Middleton is giving Prince Harry’s girl some well needed advice.

The event took place on Friday at Wembley Arena to start the We Day UK Young Peoples Charity. Certainly a sign of wedding bells in the future as normally the couple is very careful about where the two are seen together. Even going as far as to leave events or parties separately. Bonas was smiling and posed for photographers and handled all the attention rather well. Harry and Bonas were dressed casually and Bonas even donned black nail polish.

Cressida was first introduced to the Prince by Harry’s cousin, Princess Eugenie. The Princess and Bonas travel among the same social circles. A graduate of Leeds University, Bonas works in Soho in marketing.

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas have been dating now for a little over two years. The young couple has had many dates in and around London. All of which were kept very low-key, enabling the couple to have more privacy. It seems that Harry’s wild days in the press are over as the Prince settles into a happy and somewhat private relationship. The two have been discussing marriage but it seems that the romantic pair treasures the freedom the couple is enjoying now. Harry, 29, is fully aware of the changes that will come once everything is made official. Bonas, 25, has even been getting tips from the Duchess of Cambridge on just what will go down.

Though Bonas and Harry know that the spotlight will not hold a candle to that of brother William, nor the splash that Kate Middleton caused internationally, the two are very aware that the life the couple is enjoying now, will change. A source told E!News that Kate really likes Cressida and has given Bonas some advice. “She likes her very much and has offered her tips on how to keep her normality.” The source continued that Kate is aware that Bonas will not be such a focus of attention as the Duchess, but that “she needs to get a real slant on what happens.” Advice from Kate Middleton to Prince Harry’s girl shows promise for what lays ahead for the two lovebirds.

It is all reminiscent of back when Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles. The lonely Princess had instantly befriended Sarah Ferguson, who arrived on the scene engaged to Prince Andrew. The reports back then shadow Kate Middleton’s and Bonas’ friendship today.

After Prince Harry split from girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, back in 2009 the Prince expressed concerns on being able to find someone up for the challenge. In a U.S. televised interview, the Prince said, “I’m not so much searching for someone to fulfill the role, but obviously, you know, finding someone that would be willing to take it on.” Davy ended the relationship because of all that comes along with being a part of the royal family. Bonas, however, seems to think that the 25-year-old can handle it and presumably the reason behind appearing in public for the first time at the official event.

Prince Harry is reaching an age limit where most royals are already married. Maybe all the young couple needs is some good advice from Kate Middleton to keep Prince Harry’s girl from running away.

Opinion by Derik L. Bradshaw


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