Katy Perry Breaks Billboard Record with Dark Horse

Katy Perry

The musical enchantment of this mystical mysterious song has pushed Katy Perry to that ever-elusive top spot. With 46 weeks at number one and 16,151 plays as of now, Perry broke the Billboard record with Dark Horse. It is not often that one breaks this record because it requires a degree of consistency. It is the stability that is desired by every musician. However, it is only a few fortunate ones that get it right most of the time instead of some times. Perry has built a strong reputation of delivering a home run as consistently as Barry Bonds or Mickey Mantle. However, the Dark Horse singer does not wield a bat to get those hits; she is a master of the microphone. When someone is a master of their craft, there is not much they cannot do.

Perry displays a unique sound and incredible versatility on the album Prism. It was a real piece of work. The eloquence of each track flowed seamlessly together as if telling the perfect story. In that story, Katy Perry spoke of regaining confidence and strength with Roar and displayed vulnerability and love in Unconditionally. Then she went from one end of the spectrum to the other with the magical song Dark Horse. The fact of the matter is Dark Horse was not even the single initially chosen to follow up the power ballad Unconditionally. But, with rapid the success of this eerie single, there is no doubt it was the right decision.  

Dark Horse is undoubtedly one of the most dissimilar songs done by the pop star compared to her body of work. This record breaks her out of the traditional boundaries of a pop singer. Most people Katy Perrywould argue it is the simple fact that she has a rapper on the song, but the whole song reveals a new layer of Katy Perry. However, amidst the eerie contrived choir in the background, and southern drum kit, there are still elements of Katy’s signature sound in the song. Perhaps it is the very fact that there is no clear classification for this record that makes it wildly popular. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure; there is no sign of it stopping. Katy is at number one on The Billboard charts yet again this week which makes it her fourth week atop the charts. This song has single handily placed her above her comrades now, with the help of her 11 other number ones. 46 weeks at number one is more than any other artist in the 21-year history of Billboard’s pop song radio airplay charts. It goes without saying success on the charts often times will translate to success in sales. Dark Horse has boldly galloped to 3.5 million downloads, and rests comfortably at number one. Apparently, there is no one out there ready for the perfect storm.

When Katy Perry surpassed the 3rd week at number one she raced pass Mariah Carey. For a long while Mariah Carey held the record for most number ones with 45, ahead of Pink, Rihanna, and Ace of Base. But, now she plays second fiddle to the super talented Billboard Queen. That is a title well deserved, and only reserved for those who can rival her consistency, and break the record Perry now holds. However, if anyone is to catch up with Perry they may need a few breaks. Katy is still in her prime. The fact that she has this record now only alludes to her future success. Furthermore, the success of this record also displays her ability to rise above the controversy. Many Muslims and other religious individuals took offense to the Dark Horse video. In their eyes, Katypatra burning one of her male suitors was blasphemy, because he was wearing a chain that said Allah. Usually, the negative press surrounding an artist’s song can kill its popularity, but it did not. The dark horse championed on.

By: Schelett Rickenbacker

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