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It has been over two and a half months since hit singer Kesha first entered rehab, but she is happy to say it is over. The Timber singer was in rehab for an eating disorder that was getting out of hand. Much credit is given to the 27-year-old pop star, because most people cannot recognize they have a problem. This problem could have cost her life had she not picked up on it as early as she did. Being in Los Angeles it is easy to get caught up in a lifestyle, but she now says “no more.” When she finished up her rehabilitation, she became a brand new Kesha. The healthy practices learned in Timber Knoll will surely continue now that she is home in California.

Tucked away safely on the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois gave her a much-needed break from the pressures of life. Being in a rehabilitation center gave her time to center her mind and body, plus realize what is important. On that journey through the process she had to ask herself the hard questions. That is the only way she could figure out where everything went wrong in Los Angeles. Without those crucial answers she would not be where she is now, healthy and free to create again. Although, she has only been out for a short period of time it appears to have severed her right.

The LA lifestyle she had become accustomed to living began to be a hazard to her living. According to, the pop stars mom Pebe Sebert her disorder was a combination of her lifestyle and influences. It was reported that Kesha’s producer Dr. Luke use to demean the Tic-Toc singer consistently. She went as far as to say he called her an f’ing refrigerator. That seems to be a tough pill to swallow coming from someone who you create with. Dr. Luke has denied the claims in a recent interview with Billboard, but he was not the sole cause of her disorder anyway. He was just one factor in a big issue that had developed over the years.

Those close to her stated that she was a healthy eater, and followed a diet but it spiraled into bulimia. There were instances when the pop star said she was going running in the Runyon Canyon to lose weight, but she was really throwing up. This kind of behavior always stems from issues with ones image. This was something that she had struggled with since 18 in LA.

She has reemerged a new Kesha, nothing like the girl she was before rehab. Now that it is over she can get back to business. On twitter she told her fans that she has been creating and has some new music coming for them. She also expressed how thankful she was for there support. That is the same support that has carried her throughout her entire career, and established her brand. Kesha is determined to re-brand and make a new mark on the industry. In fact, she took the dollar sign out of her name and changed her hair. That is definitely a good sign. However, the best sign is her “Ima Survivor” sweatshirt she sported off the plane in LAX. That very message on that sweatshirt speaks to her triumph over her struggles. Therefore, not only is Kesha out of rehab, but she is also over the mental struggle that got her there.

By: Schelett Rickenbacker

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  1. Catie   March 9, 2014 at 6:18 am

    Please edit your stories before publishing them. It does not look good for a reporting company, such as yours, to have grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Also, please inform your writers about the true difficulties and struggles of disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. While I agree that Kesha has come out a stronger person, I am very proud of her, that doesn’t mean that. She will never deal with the temptations and struggles of an eating disorder again. It’s not the type of situation that you can struggle with for years and then be magically healed in as couple months. It’s similar to an addiction – it takes time, persistence, patience, and determination to fully over come. I hope and pray she will continue to be strong and stay healthy, but I feel this particular writer, in trying to be positive and encouraging, shared unrealistic information about an unknown future. Just my thoughts.


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