Kickstarter Project Looks to Rival Minecraft


Minecraft has had a great deal of success with updates improving gameplay and adding much more to be done within the infinite world of near limitless possibilities. Mojang tapped on a market that has never been done properly. The idea of a game where you have no goal, no story just the player in a huge expanse doing anything they want has never had as much success as Minecraft. Spin offs have come and gone but no game has been able to match the power of Minecraft. A Kickstarter project looks to rival Mojang’s Minecraft by creating an even more diverse and impressive world. Planets Cubed hopes to make an appearance on the Steam marketplace but needs help to do so.

While Minecraft PC edition involves a randomly generating infinite world, Kickstarter project, Planets Cubed, by Cubical Drift hopes to rival and control the overwhelming aspect of a world that never ends. The game yields multiple planets in the shape of a cube for the player to explore. While still in development, early screens of the game show a very dense underground world along with a beautiful overworld. Different climates exist depending on the player’s location on the planet. The Kickstarter game hosts entire solar systems in a currently unknown sized galaxy.

Cubical Drift has stated there are two main aspects of the game. Crafting and creative massive structures remains a possibility but Cubical Drift has added much more to their kickstarter project. The use of vehicles such as motorcycles to travel the planet and rocketships to travel the stars are shown in the teaser video. Most importantly, the aspect that Minecraft lacks, a quest based adventure that has a strong plot line allowing for a lot of fun for role playing game lovers. The game emphasizes multiplayer due to the number of specializations any player can take such as an engineer, cook, or fighter. The RPG elements of the game are named form, stamina, and strength, each increasing with specific actions. Increasing these skills will help the player survive and thrive on the planet they find themselves on.

Combat and crafting have huge customizing possibilities as well. The player has the chance to play as a stealthy ninja, a powerful knight, or an honorable samurai. The different classes of combat allow for a much more wide range of gameplay. Crafting a sword for example, has a multitude of blade designs, different blade hilts and guards, and even decoration to make the sword unique to its crafter. These distinct combat choices will assist the player in the in-game dungeons that house a boss protecting legendary treasure.

The Kickstarter project Planets Cubed has a lot of work to be done if Cubical Drift hopes to rival Mojang’s Minecraft and they need help. Backers of the project get access to the game and help support a great project. Kickstarter projects have a given time limit to receive the needed funding before the project is canceled. The time is up for Planet’s Cubed on April 5th  to reach their quarter million dollar goal.

Opinion By Andy Diaz

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