Kim Kardashian Is Not a Star and Isn’t Worth This Article’s Attention


While the prospect of devoting an entire piece of writing to Forbes recently named second most “overexposed” celebrity, Kim Kardashian, seems both nauseating and devastatingly degrading to the prolific written word, something has to be done about the public’s misinformed fascination with her. She may be a celebrity, unfortunately, but she is not a star. A star has talent so exceptional that the world watches them with vicarious joy as they effortlessly show it off. A mere celebrity these days, like Kim Kardashian, seems disturbingly void of any authentic traits that lend to their popular status. Put bluntly, she is not, nor should she be, a star and in fact, is not even worth the attention of this article.

Her social media perpetuated image, above all, is ripest for exposing this travesty of wildly misplaced public affection. Her looks are contrived and contorted post photo to appear flawless, a flagrant fallacy unhealthy for impressionable minds. If the world could see unairbrushed images of her she would undoubtedly cease to stand out in a crowd, nor be idolized as a physically perfect ideal to strive for. The fact that her altered image is unrelentingly bombarded on the public’s over saturated eye is why her fame has so superficially accelerated and thrived. One must not forget that were she not the daughter of famed OJ Simpson defender, Robert Kardashian, and step-daughter of legendary ex-olympian, Bruce Jenner, no one would have ever given two s*$#! about the wisely leaked porno that put her on the map.

To add insult to injury, she does not seem to do anything but walk around in public places making sure she is constantly getting photographed. And yet, because of circumstances surrounding her station in life, people are helplessly infatuated. The blatant truth is Kim Kardashian as her fans know her is a one-dimensional fabricated marketing creation, and is in no way a true star in the old Hollywood sense of the word, and yes, just to reiterate, she is still not worth this articles attention.

The problem itself is not Kardashian as much as it is the medias deliberate amplification of her well orchestrated persona. While one might argue it is nice to see a normal person with no discernible stand out skills get the opportunity to play a celebrity, the harm outweighs the novelty. Young and easily persuaded girls have her unrealistic representation of beauty so burnt into their blossoming brains that it starts to become a standard by which they judge and inevitably dislike themselves for being incapable of attaining. But anyone could potentially look like Kim Kardashian if they too had an entire crew of professionals helping mold her every step of the way.

In surmise, Kim Kardashian is symptomatic of a larger, more toxic societal issue. The pedestal these celebrities are put on, and then kept on by incessant and meaningless image bombardment, is becoming poisonous to both future generations and the very credibility of American society. The false idolization of superfluous sex symbols, specifically Kardashian, only reinforces the notion that the world will not reward hard work and talent but instead cherishes falseness, popularity, and extreme vanity. To repair the damage that has already been done to decaying core values, the world must acknowledge that people like Kim Kardashian are not real stars, and certainly not worth the attention of anyone’s envy, interest, and lastly, this opinionated and now concluded article.

Opinion By Brandon Duringer



3 Responses to "Kim Kardashian Is Not a Star and Isn’t Worth This Article’s Attention"

  1. Joan   June 30, 2014 at 9:58 pm

    You are my hero. 🙂 Thank you so much! Keep writing these articles as you have just spoken to the real sentiments of the entire world. They don’t see people. That camera is like a “mirror” for the whole family’s fantasy. If they notice people, at all, it’s only to dominate them by hoarding up the news via paid-off, media executives. I think they might be the worst celebrities USA has ever produced.

  2. Isabel   March 13, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    This article is PHENOMENAL!!

  3. darla   March 13, 2014 at 4:43 pm

    You manage to express with all eloquence and clarity what we the true audience are really thinking about this celebrity freeloading useless weeds. THANK YOU VERY MUCH


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