Kim Kardashian Was a Mean Girl as a Child

Kardashian SistersDespite the controversy surrounding the Vogue cover, Kim Kardashian has shared the secret that she was a mean girl as a child. It was not just her either; sister Kourtney joined her in the trouble they created. It seems that the attitude came from being jealous of their mother.

During the 80s, mom Kris Jenner reportedly had a great body and showed it off with tight designer clothes. Mixed in with the Moschino heart earrings, it was something the Kardashian sisters aspired to be. However, they took their dreams slightly too far by itemizing every item in their mother’s wardrobe, just in case Jenner died. The sisters wanted to make sure they got everything they wanted, not everything that their mother wanted them to have.

It seems that the sisters have new aspirations now, and they do not include going through a whole wardrobe making a list of who will get each item. They are now focused on their reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, as well as their own private lives.

One thing some fans will want to know is whether the 33-year-old will encourage her daughter, North West, to grow up like her. What would she do if North sat in a closet at eight years old going through every single item her mother wore?

The Kardashian sisters being mean girls as children may not surprise many, and Jenner does not seem to be annoyed at the way her daughters have turned out. The 56-year-old’s home office is full of magazine spreads of her daughters, and merchandise from each of them.

The question is whether the reality TV star would still sit in her mother’s closet. She has since become a fashion icon, and has her own products on the market. She even cuts up other people’s products to make something that she would really like to wear.

All media eyes will be on Kardashian and fiance Kanye West over the next two months. Their wedding day is set for May 24, and there is still no idea of the style of wedding dress the bride will wear. If she loved her mother’s clothes so much, will she wear a style similar to Jenner’s wedding dress to Bruce Jenner, the Olympic gold medalist? Has she designed her own dress, or will be it designed by one of her favorites and created especially for her?

The wedding is set to be an intimate affair with no cell phones allowed. E! Entertainment will be there to film the whole day event for the two-part series that the couple will get especially for their big day. However, Beyonce and Jay-Z have already expressed their dislike for the idea, and do not want to be part of any reality TV show. They enjoy their own privacy.

Exact names and number of guests have not yet been confirmed, but some of the biggest names in showbiz are likely to be there. Of course, all of Kardashian’s sisters will be there, but are they still the same mean girls that the 33-year-old says they used to be?

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


Us Weekly

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