Lady Gaga in Hot Water, Bankrupted Monster, Glorifies Antic at SXSW

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Poker Face Lady, Paparazzi’s favorite, Gaga, confessed in the upcoming documentary that aired a sniper on Entertainment Tonight she was bankrupt during her Monster Ball Tour in 2009, and in her Friday concert she reportedly glorified an eating disorder with an antic at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin. Her shocking confessions and antics landed her in hot water from everywhere. The pop star invested her $3.3 million into making the fancy stage arena. The Fame’s promotions, her initial singing album, Lady Gaga spend whatever she possessed at that point of time. To pursue her passionate dream, she gave it all in to her craft. The Monsters Ball Tour also featured her dynamic performance at the Los Angeles Staples Center.

The pop star recalled her Bad Romance was already successful, and she was all over the global media. However, Lady Gaga invested all her money into the tour stage, and kept nothing in her bank which made her penniless. The dazzling singer was aware that her struggle was temporary, and to gain Arthur Fogel’s interest, she just wanted to do everything she possibly could.

On Friday, March 14, the pop singer performed at the SXSW Convention in Austin, Texas. She appeared to endorse an eating disorder, bulimia, on the stage with her shocking antic. Millie Brown, artist performing with Gaga on stage, vomited on her. The stunt at her latest concert created enormous controversies and outrage toward the Applause singer.

Lady Gaga knew her dreams, talent and vision was bigger than anything else. Hence, she was adamant to chase her visions, even if others did not see them. Morever, Fogel is the chairman of Live Nation’s worldwide touring division. Mr. Arthur was extremely impressed by Gaga’s stage mastery and costumes. Fogel gave her a lifetime deal that was a lot more than the singer spent on her stage. In the forthcoming documentary, pop star elaborates that Fogel gave her $40 million. Thus, her spectacular stage performance and investment earned her a life changing deal.

The documentary, Who the F**K is Arthur Fogel, premieres on March 19, 2014, on EPIX. Gaga was born as, Stefani Germanotta, 27 years ago in New York City. Recently, she has been interrogated for questionable funding on her organization Born This Way.  Reports accused her for donating only $5,000 as a fund, meanwhile spending the entire $1.85 million on expenses.

The popstar’s mother, Cynthia Germanotta, came to her rescue by saying; the foundation is an organization that runs charity directly, while their work is funded by them. Cynthia is the president of the charity. She said, their charity does not grant other donations, but their own, and every penny is spent toward their foundation’s purpose to empower the young.

Singer publicly confessed about her past battles with both eating disorders. Ever since she was 15, Lady Gaga struggled with anorexia and bulimia. Two years ago, she posted her revealing pictures on littlemonster, and captioned it with her eating disorders. She then wrote on twitter, join BODY REVOLUTION.

In February 2014, she told a fashion magazine that she no longer suffers from the eating disorders. She said, the entire antic was part of the song and the act. In 2013, the dazzling star told she was tired of fighting with people and was in chronic depression, which she later she overcame. In confessions to Harper’s Bazaar, she admitted that she learned many lessons after her breakup with Troy Carter, hip surgery and mixed reviews for Artpop. Celebrities like Demi Lovato criticized her vomit stunt.

According to Lovato, pop culture influences the young minds out there that also have their own personal struggles. Demi said the shocking stunt even if it had the intention or not, plays with peoples’ minds, and such things should not be glorified by the artists. Demi also had a long battle with the eating disorders, and she added that such acts are often misunderstood by the youth. The Fame singer has worked with many artists including Beyoncé in Telefone. Nonetheless, Lady Gaga lands herself in boiling water of controversies now days because of her confessions about being bankrupt during Monster Tour few years ago, and Brown vomited on her during the rock concert at SXSW, the shocking antic glorified eating disorders, that outraged the public.

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    One positive about her performance is it gets people talking about eating disorders. There are many graphic pictures on the web that show vomiting. For the positive information about eating disorders go to my blog

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