Lady Gaga Introduces Vomit Rock at SXSW

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Just when you thought she did everything possible it looks like the pop rock star Lady Gaga has more tricks up her sleeve, and this time she shared it with her fans at SXSW, and it came in the form of vomit. Gaga put on her wackiest performance yet and enlisted the help of a performance artist who literally threw up on the singer. Lady Gaga was the keynote speaker at SXSW and held the most coveted concert tickets for the festival.

Millie Brown is a 27-year-old performance artist from London who creates her work by drinking vividly dyed milk. She then regurgitates onto canvases to make abstract paintings. Her work has been compared to renowned abstract artist Jackson Pollock. Brown began her career as a ‘vomit painter’ in 2005. Brown’s work sells for thousands of dollars and she has displayed her artwork at many galleries.

During Lady Gaga’s performance of Swine from her album ArtPop, Brown joined the pop rock star on stage at SXSW in preparation to introduce the world to her vomit show. During the performance Millie Brown stood to the side of the stage drinking her tinted milk bottle while Lady Gaga banged on her drums. Halfway through the song the performance artist approached Gaga, stuck her fingers down her throat, and hurled bright green milk on the pop star. Gaga was wearing a white ‘canvas’ apron at the time. Gaga kept on drumming like nothing happened. Millie continued with the vomit-fest changing her milk colors as she went along. The audience watched with shock and awe. Those familiar with Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour will remember Millie Brown the ‘vomit painter’ who made an appearance in the Exorcist Interlude music video.

The whole SXSW musical performance was filled with typical Gaga-xtravagnza even though the venue was at the popular local BBQ joint, Stubb’s in Austin TX. A venue that holds 2200 people didn’t hold Gaga back. The pop star still managed to make an entrance dangling from a smoky barbecue spit. The stage was complete with mechanical bull which she took a ride with her favorite vomiting performance artist. Luckily for the people in the front row she wasn’t vomiting during the ride.

The venue, environment, town and even the festival is completely ‘un-gaga’ like, but leave it to Lady Gaga to stamp her name on anything she leaves in her wake. The laid-back country music town of Austin may never be the same. Even getting into the performance left Gaga fans performing ‘Bold Missions’. Gaga asked her fans to perform a ‘Bold Mission’ at the Austin Convention Center. Gaga asked her potential attendees to make a video or share pictures showing why they boldly stand out. Whomever won the mission would get platinum badges for the show.

SXSW may never see anything like Lady Gaga’s introduction of vomit rock into the world of music but two things are not surprising; Lady Gaga did it, and it happened at SXSW. Both known for firsts. SXSW is the catalyst for new talents every year, and Lady Gaga is known for everything out of the ordinary. That’s a lot of entertainment in one town.

By Christina Thompson


Fox News

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