Love Heals Eating Disorders

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The love hormone, oxytocin, might assist people suffering from both eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia, as well as various psychological ailments. The hormone amplifies positive energy and vibrations inside human brain; thus, it soothes a patient’s obsessions with food, ailments, and obesity. British and Korean studies revealed that love hormone could help heal and combat anorexia. Love breeds harmony among people, and is known as the best medicine for people.

Study conducted at the King’s College of London, in England, found a strong connection between the love hormone, oxytocin, in healing and reducing the eating disorders. The patients suffering from anorexia and bulimia most likely isolate themselves socially; this then triggers severe depression and negativity. According to the author of the study, Janet Treasure, patients have a range of obstacles that begin in teenage years. The disorder is triggered when all social withdrawal factors strike the patient at a very young age. Patients  at vulnerable age, then develop an obsession with being thin known as anorexia.

Isolation is considered as an essential factor for understanding the beginning of the illness and then maintenance of it in patients. Seclusion is the result of social problems; however, the disorder can be treated with love hormone, oxytocin. The love hormone is a potential treatment for the illness, as well as issues the patient confronts in life.

Research tells that bonding, cuddling, kisses, touch and childbirth releases the brain chemical, oxytocin, known as the “love hormone,” and in turn decreases negative emotions, fears, hypersensitivity and anxiety in people. Bonding reduces stress, insecurity, seclusion and cultivates sense of love, heart’s happiness, optimism, belonging, acceptance, trust and security in people. Thus, love treatment alternative assists patients struggling with anorexia and autism. Many celebrities like Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato had struggled with the eating disorders since their teenage years. Gaga confessed about battle publicly, and overcame it.

In the latest research, oxytocin was given to 33 healthy people, and 31 anorexic patients through a placebo, via intranasal spray. Then, all of them examined pictures of a variety of food, body types, and weights. The study measured the spontaneity of participants identifying the pictures. Moreover, the negative images would have been identified rapidly if the participants focused only on negative. However, the tendency towards negative was less in the experiment.  A love dose is considered vital for extreme negative and positive emotions in a person. After one hour of the study, the love hormone revealed no effect on how much fruit juice the patients consumed. Psychological therapies assist patients with the similar ailments.

According to the research, the anorexic patients did not obsess about negativity of the food images or obesity after they took the love hormone. However, the study does not elaborate on the details of what actually led to the linkage of reduction of obsession feelings and oxytocin. Treasure explained the experiment is considered as preliminary, and only small amount of people were tested. It will be thrilling experience for Treasure to analyze the potential effect the love hormone could have as a cure on enormous diverse population. According to Treasure, psychological traumas, disorders, mental illnesses and underlying problems can be addressed with this treatment. People suffering from many ailments require attention, care and love from others, thus love caters beautiful positive emotions that minimize negative emotions.

The study was conducted by researchers at the King’s College, UK, Inje University, along with other universities in South Korea. The UK study author, National Institute for Health Research, the Ministry of Education in Korea, and the National Research Foundation of Korea sponsored the experimental study. On Thursday, the study was published on peer journal Psychoneuroendocrinology. A related study was conducted that measured patients’ facial reactions, happiness, aggression and disgust, after they were given oxytocin, love hormone. The reaction showed that anorexics did not focus on negative “disgust” faces. Professor Youl Ri Kim, from Inje University said that the conclusion of the study offers a potential path breaking cure for patients that battle eating disorders. The love chemical oxytocin reduces brain’s inclination towards negative emotions, therefore assists in healing anorexia. Treasure added that further studies can provide more depth about efficiency of the treatment method in the future.

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