Lea Michele Releases ‘Louder’ and Talks Cory Monteith


Lea Michele is cannonballing her way through grief with the release of her new album Louder.  The Glee star is slowly recovering from the tragic loss of her boyfriend Cory Monteith.  Michele has chosen to dive into every aspect of her career in order to heal the wounds of bereavement.  Lea Michele and Cory Monteith found romance on the set of Glee.  

As their Glee characters Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson found deep intimacy, the two walked a similar path off camera.  After several years of working together, the two began a passionate relationship that lasted until Monteith’s death.  Monteith began battling the demons of addiction around the age of 12.  The struggle persisted until he sought help at the age of 19 by entering a substance abuse treatment center.  Fast forward 12 years later,  and the once-victorious battle against addiction erupted once again.  His fellow castmates and Ryan Murphy (co-creator of Glee), facilitated an intervention that took place on the lot of paramount.  Monteith’s Glee family pre-arranged for him to enter a rehabilitation program.  Guiding a resisted decision for treatment, the show was able to ultimately convince the star to admit himself into rehab.  Monteith was written out of the final two episodes of season four and successfully completed the program.  Despite receiving positive assurance that his role would continue into season five, the star was unable to avoid tragedy.  Monteith suffered from a heroin and alcohol overdose and was pronounced dead on July 13, 2013.

Michele has carried this grief gracefully and is attempting to live her life the best way possible.  The young singer would like to preserve Monteith’s memory in a positive light.  She has commented very little in the months following Monteith’s death.  In the upcoming issue of Seventeen magazine, she is building up to a more candid approach when discussing the heartaching ordeal.  The talented singer tells the magazine Monteith made her feel as a queen everyday.  The moment the couple became an item, Michele says that he made her feel so beautiful.  The memories she chooses to cherish regarding her departed partner are only happy ones.  Michelle reiterates that the late star’s addiction was an aspect of his persona, not the defining characteristic of his life.

She has mixed a recipe of sorrow and happiness and poured it into the her new album Louder.  Michelle shares that her album debuted March 4, and the release date is very symbolic of her struggles.  She has combined the symbolism of her single “Canonnonball,” with marching fourth with her life.  “We’re going to march fourth like a cannonball.”  Michele is doing just that as she continues to keep Cory Monteith’s memory alive and carve out her music career.  Her single Cannonball has already received over seven million views on Vevo.  On the cusp of this success, there are also whispers of creating a Glee spinoff.  Michelle fervently accepts the challenge of a Glee spinoff, stating “I think it could be Rachel living in New York and working on Broadway.”  Lea Michele is on her way to the top of the charts and all the while keeping Monteith’s memory alive and close to heart.

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