Chris Brown Receives Help for Mental Disorder Diagnosis


Chris Brown receives help for mental disorder diagnosis. He is being treated for sleep deprivation, bipolar and post traumatic stress disorders. The dual diagnosis sheds insight on Brown’s aggressive behaviors which have landed the 24-year-old singer in massive amounts of trouble that may have been avoided with an earlier diagnosis.

Brown is spending time in rehab, working on himself and learning behavioral techniques including meditation exercises that help people to relax and breathe, instead of responding to crisis situations with immediate anger. He has been in treatment for three months, and the judge presiding over his case has extended Brown’s stay at the luxury Malibu facility an additional two months.

While Brown is making process the added time is in conjunction with probation violation stemming from the domestic assault case with former girlfriend and singer Rihanna, the added time was mandated after Brown punched a man outside of the White House. He admitted himself to treatment following that incident but was put out within a week following a session with his mother at the center where he reportedly became angry and threw a rock her car window, shattering it. This report comes from a probation officer who states Brown was upset at his mother’s request that he remain in treatment.

Brown and Rihanna were young lovers enjoying a quick rise to fame and all the glitz, glamour, and troubles that can follow. There really is no support group that eases one into instant celebrity, fame, and wealth.

When mental disorders are not diagnosed, they can show up as wild and out of control behavior. With treatment, Chris Brown receives help for his mental disorder diagnosis. Society is slowly coming around and people are learning to deal with the shame around mental illness. This makes it easier for people needing help to seek it.

Although Brown was reportedly visibly upset about the added time he handled it with mediation, during his court date while his mother showed her support by sitting with him. With proper supports in place, he will not be as likely to meet the fate of other celebrities who handle the pressures through continued drug abuse and the subsequent fallout.

Additional months of rehabilitation requires Brown to serve on a LA County clean-up crew. He is up at 5 am, gets plenty of exercise, and is reportedly sleeping at night, which is something that was an issue before treatment. Brown has tested negative for drug use during treatment and has gained control through anger management.

The additional time will benefit Brown as long as he is open to receiving help. There is hope for the young star. Sadly, he was not diagnosed prior to committing domestic violence. Now that he better understands what triggered the out of control and unacceptable behavior, he will be better able to utilize learning tools from treatment upon his release.

Talented and charismatic, he deserves the chance to turn things around. With his mother standing by as a support system, the judge may see the positive changes that are being reported and lean favorably in granting a rehabilitation versus jail status, Brown is due back in front of the judge on April 23. Brown may not have to do jail time for the assault trial he faces during the same month. He stands a strong chance of continuing to improve with treatment to help handle his emotional issues. Chris Brown is doing the work to heal as he receives help for a dual mental disorder diagnosis. If people can look in the mirror and recognize that help is needed and then act on those feelings, a healthier life lies ahead.

By C. Imani Williams



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