‘Left Behind’ Starring Nicolas Cage Announces Release

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Nicolas Cage will be the Rapture on October 3rd, 2014. The new big screen adaptation of Left Behind starring Nicolas Cage has been announced to have an early October release date. Produced by Stoney Lake Entertainment, Left Behind was directed by Vic Armstrong and also features One Tree Hill’s Chad Michael Murray and Back To The Future franchise actress Lea Thompson.

In the film, Nicolas Cage plays Rayford Steele, a commercial airliner pilot. Left Behind follows Rayford mere hours after millions of people have vanished from around the world without a trace after the Rapture. Steele is trapped thirty-five thousand feet over the ocean as he must fly his damaged aircraft full of horrified and confused passengers if he ever hopes to see his family again. Meanwhile, Rayford’s daughter Chloe, played by Cassi Thomson, must navigate a world of chaos and disaster as she looks for her mother and brother amongst those left behind.

Stoney Lake Entertainment announced that the Nicolas Cage starring Left Behind will be rather different from the increasing number of recent big screen biblical movies like Son Of God and Noah as it is a contemporary story. The film was co-written and produced by Stoney Lake Entertainment’s CEO Paul Lalonde, who has stated that unlike the other films scheduled to be released this calendar year, Left Behind is a story that could actually happen at any moment and it is also somewhat of a historical account because it is based upon a true story which just has not happened as of yet. Lalonde continued to say that the core story remaining intact was of extreme importance to him and while they had many offers from different major Hollywood studios to distribute the film, the studios did not want final control of the story to be left in his hands. Left Behind was shot mostly in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles.

The film is based upon the New York Times top selling book series co-written by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. Using the Bible as a springboard, Left Behind has been published in thirty-two different languages around the world and has sold more than sixty-five million copies to become one of the best selling book series of all time. The authors both believe the film does justice to the novel and say it may spark new interest in their series. LaHaye also stated that it is the best film he has seen based upon the Rapture.

Left Behind starring Nicolas Cage has been announced that it will be released on big screens everywhere on October 3, 2014. The actor was quoted saying that he hopes people will be thrilled and entertained by Left Behind but also will go home and have discussions about the possibility of the scenario presented. Left Behind is directed by long-time Stunt Coordinator Vic Armstrong. This will be the first big screen adaptation of the series as three direct-to-video films and four video games have been released with the Left Behind title.

Nicolas Cage can next be seen in the David Gordon Green’s drama Joe with Tye Sheridan scheduled for a limited release on April 9th.

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  1. Mike   November 4, 2014 at 12:03 pm

    Saw it and hope she produces the rest of the series as the books were very interesting and entertaining, regardless of your religious beliefs.

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