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Lindsay Lohan entertains a Mean Girls reunion and will darken the doors of “Max” and “Caroline” on 2 Broke Girls.  Lindsay Lohan is living up to her usual standard of nabbing headlines in every category possible these days.  Her dramas concerning her OWN reality show, Oprah’s expressed disappointment, fun-humored Jimmy Fallon appearance,  and warning off rumors of drug use with her mother are the current circulating circumstances.  These are the happenings that have taken place in less than one weeks time.  The spotlight tortured star has seen two rays of sunshine with a possible Mean Girls reunion and a guest spot on 2 Broke Girls.

Lohan appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, in order to promote her new reality show Lindsay.  During her appearance she mentioned while she was backstage she spoke with Tina Fey.  Fey wrote and co-starred in the film and commented on Lohan’s recent instragram photos.  Lohan instagramed two of her co-stars from the hit block buster, Rajiv Surendra (Kevin Gnapoor) and Daniel Franzese (Damian).  Lohan reported that Fey had spoken to Mean Girls producer Lorne Michaels in regard to the photos and would like to plan a more formal reunion.

Several original members of the cast have openly welcomed the challenge of a happy Mean Girls reunion.  2014 places the ten-year marker on the film, making it more than suitable for that age-old high school decade reunion.  There have been quiet whispers and mumblings of a Mean Girls reunion in the past, but it has yet to unfold.  There has been no definitive public explanation as to why the reunion has not taken place with such a large demand for a sequel.  Speculation can be placed on Lohan’s repeated stints in rehab, but she has filmed many films while battling to stay free of those confines.

The starlet no matter how many court appearances, prison terms,  or rehab stays continues to book consistent work.  Which clarifies why 2 Broke Girls would like Lohan to join their team.  Lohan’s transfer from the mean girls team to the broke girls team is greatly awaited.  2 Broke Girls is a hilarious sit-com that has been on the air since 2011 and stars Kat Dennings (Max) and Beth Behrs (Caroline).  The show follows the adventures of two financially exhausted young adults, living in New York trying to achieve financial success.  Max and Caroline work in a diner and are complete polar opposites, but stay best friends.  Caroline is a upbeat, spunky, cheerful trust fund recipient; whereas Max is a darker, dry humored, promiscuous recipient.  Max never had money to begin with and Caroline loses her trust fund leaving her flat broke.

The two live in a minuscule apartment and use Caroline’s college business skills and Max’s quick wit in order run their own cupcake business.  The girls lose the cupcake business but establish that Max has an uncanny ability to bake exceptionally well.  Prompting her to enter baking school in order to become a professional chef.  Lohan will appear on the show as Claire Guiness, a bridezilla that enlists the two girls to prepare her wedding cake.  Her indecisiveness will plague the twosome and spin them into another humorous adventure.  Lohan receives a great change of pace transforming from her Mean Girls role into her 2 Broke Girls role.

Opinion By Ebony Waller


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