Lindsay Lohan Will Marry on ‘2 Broke Girls’

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan is making a return to TV, where she will get married on 2 Broke Girls. It will be for one episode only on April 14, and is the first one to take the eight o’clock slot that How I Met Your Mother had. The actress shared her upcoming guest spot with her Twitter followers, explaining that she was looking forward to it.

The Mean Girl has taken some time out of big roles lately, while taking care of her personal issues. However, she has had guest spots on various shows, including Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management. She also appeared opposite the 48-year-old actor in Scary Movie 5, where they were involved in a Paranormal Activity spoof scene.

In her upcoming role, she plays a bridezilla named Claire Guiness, and hires the main characters, Max and Caroline, to make her wedding cake. It seems like a dream come true for the two characters, but they soon realize that Lohan’s character simply cannot make up her mind. It causes problems for creating the perfect wedding cake.

The 27-year-old is trying to make a comeback, but it has not been easy. The guest spot on 2 Broke Girls where Lohan will get married is just part of it, but the main part is her own reality TV show. During a recently released trailer f Lindsay, Oprah Winfrey makes it clear that the actress is struggling to make a successful comeback because of the stunts she is pulling. Winfrey tells the former Disney star that she needs to pull herself together and stop the “bulls–t.”

In the trailer, it shows the camera crew have been locked out of Lohan’s apartment. Winfrey is the one to step in and talk some sense into the girl for the time-being. She explains that she wants the 27-year-old actress to succeed, but she will tell her crew to pack up and leave if that is not something the actress wants to do.

The documentary is the first feature of Lohan after her stint in rehab, which was mandated by the courts. The Freaky Friday star has struggled with problems for a number of years now, and it has led to a number of appearances in court for DUIs and violating probation, among other issues. She was supposed to have kicked her drinking and drug habits, but the crew on the documentary are heard asking whether the actress is really sober. The documentary starts on this Sunday, and will run for eight episodes.

Lohan has used her Twitter feed as a way to share the support from her fans. She regularly retweets the messages of love and goodwill, as well as publically thanking them for their support. It is also a method to share her upcoming work for those who are interested. Many of her own tweets have been a countdown to the upcoming documentary.Tthe most recent shares her one-episode stint on 2 Broke Girls, where Lohan will cause problems for the main duo and get married, which airs on April 14 in the original How I Met Your Mother slot.

By Alexandria Ingham


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