Miley Cyrus Needs Help Remembering Lyrics

Miley CyrusA recent photo from the Bangerz tour shows that Miley Cyrus needs help remembering her lyrics. She has a teleprompter on stage to make sure she gets the words right for her fans. While some may see that has cheating, there is one point to make: at least she is singing live!

She is not the first singer to need some help with remembering the lyrics for her songs. Robbie Williams once pointed out that he would get the crowd to sing for him when he struggled to remember what came next. Christina Aguilera even forgot the words to the national anthem during the Super Bowl a few years ago.

The We Can’t Stop singer has raised eyebrows a lot during this new tour, though, and plenty of people are getting fed up of her antics. During her performances, she is dancing provocatively and wearing extremely skimpy outfits. But the 21-year-old uses the defense that she is acting well within the law.

Just recently, the singer’s antics have been linked to the split of Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton. When Cyrus twerked with Thicke on stage at the VMAs, alarm bells started ringing that this man was not the most faithful husband in the world. She was not entirely to blame though, as the Blurred Lines singer was also snapped close to kissing another woman.

The new photo showing that Cyrus needs help remembering the lyrics to her songs has disappointed some fans; many of which know her songs by heart. The person who took the photo explained that she spotted the singer looking at the teleprompter a few times to remember her words.

It could be that the singer has them there just in case. Of course, once she knows the words are there, it’s easy to glance down just to double check that she is on the right line. It is only the start of her 60-performance tour, so maybe by the end of it she will be at a point where she can comfortably leave the teleprompter off.

Miley CyrusHaving it there is much better than forgetting the lyrics, and it shows that she is singing live. There have been numerous bluffs in the past where singers have forgotten the lyrics or band members have forgotten it is their turn to sing, and shown that they are lip-syncing. UK band A1 did that on stage, proving something that many people at the time thought of ‘90s bands: they never sung on-stage.

Unfortunately for Cyrus, the teleprompter has not been the only complaint. Some fans have expressed their disappointment about how she sounded. Radar Online pointed out that she needs to stop focusing on her recreational activities and make sure her voice is up to scratch.

The Bangerz tour has also been a disappointment for the star. From the beginning it has been hit with low sales in tickets. It seems that many parents are putting a stop to their children supporting someone they view as a bad influence. Maybe the fact that Cyrus needs help remembering her lyrics will also cut the ticket sales as fans believe she is not as invested in them as they once thought.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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