Malaysia Airlines: Families Demand Answers

Malaysia Airlines

Relatives of the missing Chinese passengers who were on the Malaysian Airlines plane have traveled to Kuala Lumpur, where they will demand clear answers from the Malaysian authorities. Families of the passengers are convinced that the Malaysian authorities are concealing information about the fate of the Boeing 777, so they want to meet with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Transport.

They are accusing them of having no evidence when they came to the conclusion that the plane crashed into the southern part of the Indian Ocean and that no one survived the accident. Upon arrival to the Malaysian capital, the representative of the relatives from China said that they will demand an apology from the authorities due to their response to the disappearance of the plane.

Malaysian Minister of Transport Hišamudin Hussein has announced on Saturday that they will continue to search for possible survivors, though; according to his words the possibilities for this are very small. Angry families of the missing passengers who were on board of the Malaysia Airlines plane demand answers because they are convinced that the authorities are not honest and did not provide all the information that they have.

At the end of the week they have moved the search area for about 1,850 kilometers west of the Australian city of Perth, after the analysis of radar and satellite data revealed that the airplane was traveling faster and so it flew over a smaller distance that they predicted. After the first day of the search in the new area, Chinese and Australian ships failed to pull any plane wreckage from the sea. Although they have found some objects, it then turned out that they are not related to the Malaysia Airlines plane that crashed three weeks ago. On Sunday, they have equipped the Australian naval vessel with sophisticated black boxes searchers and unmanned underground vessel.

U.S. Navy Commander Mark Matthews said that the search is very difficult, as they still do not know the exact location of where the plane crashed. “Currently, the search area practically spans over the Indian Ocean, which will require an unsustainable amount of time to search,” he said. Search campaign is being led by Australia, which has appointed former commander of the Air Force, Angus Houston at the forefront of the search teams. Search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane continues today as 18 teams are looking for wreckage in the Indian Ocean.

Some families simply do not believe the explanation that the plane crashed. “They do not have any direct evidence. Their conclusions are based on a mathematical analysis and they have used an unreliable mathematical model. Then they simply concluded that our relatives are dead,” said Steve Wang. “We have a few questions that we would like to ask them,” said Wang Chunjiang, brother of one of the passengers.

Families are angry because the authorities say that the plane crashed into the Indian Ocean and on the other hand, the transport minister talks about the search for survivors. Due to the conflicting information, families demand answers and it looks like the saga of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane continues.

By Janette Verdnik




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