Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Possible Debris Spotted in Indian Ocean

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 debris could have been spotted on Thursday in the Indian Ocean, according to Australia’s prime minister. Two objects that may be related to the missing jetliner have been spotted in the southern Indian Ocean. According to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, new and credible information on the search for Malaysia Airlines flight 370 has been discovered, with images of two objects captured via satellite imagery.

It has been suggested that one object was roughly 80 feet long, while there was another smaller object, as well as a number of other images scattered among the general area of the biggest object. However, it was noted that the satellite images are vague and indistinct. Moreover, it was warned that this debris could prove to be another false lead in the search that has baffled authorities and experts for nearly two weeks.

Despite the ambiguous nature of the sighting, all available resources in the search effort were being relocated to the area and the U.S. has expanded its role in the search. It is being viewed as credible enough to divert the resources for investigation, as the massive search for the missing jetliner drags on without any tangible evidence of what happened or where the flight could be located.

While authorities are encouraged by the possible debris spotted in the Indian Ocean, family and friends of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 passengers, who are still awaiting answers and confirmation of what occurred were much less hopeful. If the debris does prove to be missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370, all hope of survivors would be lost.

By Leigh Haugh


Washington Post

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