Mars Red Dust Could Be Most Deadly Thing Humans Will Face One Day

Mars Red Dust Could Be Most Deadly Thing Humans Will Face One Day

Out on the planet Mars, the most deadly thing that could face human beings one day is the red dust. So scientists have erected a vacuum compartment that might be able to conclude how rover probes and hopefully one day, human explorers, may best be able to survive against the colossal grime of the Red Planet.

The dust of Mars had long overwhelmed the robotic explorers from this planet. The red grime, which is made up of mostly magnetic iron, has the tendency to cling to anything that has a small charge. This included electronic devices and motors. It starts to build up on solar panels, and covers the Mars rovers. Martian smut would be even more hazardous to human beings. It would interact with the skin like some sort of bleach and it is full of poisonous compounds such as hexavalent chromium.

The Red Planet’s dust is much finer than soil and is covered with wide areas the grime. The dust is infrequently picked up when there are dust storms on the planet but the dust is extremely small so enough of it stays in the atmosphere to allow Mars to keep having its reddish tone.

Back in June of 2008 it was discovered that Martian dust was also slightly alkalized. Even though the basic understanding of Mars grime is very limited, knowing that it would be deadly to humans is key at the moment. By trying to applying an Earth created system to study the Red Planet’s dust is a simple decision in order to distinguish how to keep humans safe if and when they ever get to Mars.

In order to find out how to lessen the dust effects, researchers decided to produce what is in essence “Mars in a bottle” or a vacuum sealed room that is able to reach the exact pressure, temperature, radiation and gas composition as is on the Red Planet. The compartment also sends out fake Mars dust that covers the instruments in the room in order to see how they do while being under an endless showering of iron particulars.

Engineers have used the vacuum chamber idea before in order to investigate other environments that humans were unable to get to. One example was they wanted to see how machines would endure on the horrible, flaming hot surface of Venus, to see how meteorites would burst if they struck the surface of Mars or if bacteria would be able to live in the unfriendly Martian dirt.

On the planet Mars, the most lethal thing that could face humans is the red dust. So scientists have erected a vacuum chamber that might be able to conclude how the probes and hopefully the day that Earth is able to send human explorers there, may survive against the colossal dust of the Red Planet. It is definitely something that needs to be thought about. The red dust of Mars could very well be one of the most dangerous things that human beings will face when they get out there.

By Kimberly Ruble


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