Meat Consumption in Men May Lower Sperm Count


Meat consumption seems to have always been one of those favorite pastimes for men. Most men may not decline the chance to indulge in a juicy hamburger covered with an array of fresh produce or a deliciously prepared porterhouse steak meal every now and then.  Promoting the consumption of meat products has been highly encouraged for men as a way to help build up muscle. Over several years, researchers have decided to conduct more thorough investigations into the theory of how meat consumption might have an overall effect on the health of men. Because of the growing concerns with how most livestock is being raised in the United States, several researchers have come to conclude that certain meat products are presumed to have an abnormal impact on the fertility of men.

The act of overindulging in the consumption of any kind of meat is never encouraged nor is it recommended. However, a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that a daily excessive consumption of processed meat may eventually have an adverse affect on the amount of sperm a man produces. Careful observation of the participants for this study revealed that there was more to just the artificial additives injected into red meat that may be a contributing factor to how much sperm each male was able to produce. The consumption of meat such as bacon, sausage, bologna, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, or any other meat that may fall under the category of processed foods contain was said to be a possible cause for the participants’ low sperm count.

It was also suggested that for every one slice of bacon a male consumes as part of the daily serving of meat, the cellular structure of the male sperm may develop in an irregular pattern thus creating an abnormal shape. Sperm that have an abnormal shape will reduce the quality and quantity of the amount of sperm that is produced. Abnormalities in sperm formation that can impact that quality of the sperm include deformities in the configuration of the head, mid-piece, and tail, which can have a noteworthy contributing factor on the infertility rate of men. The quality of the formation of the male sperm is imperative to the fertilization of the female egg to insure conception. Although a low sperm count does not specifically confirm all men with a less than desirable amount as being infertile, it does suggest that attention should be given to the amount of processed meats the male consumes on a daily basis along with an alternative lifestyle.

Processed meat may appear to be the most convenient in purchasing, preparing, and consuming but may not be worth the hassle of having to deal with the side effects from its consumption. For this reason, the consumption of processed meat might also be the most hardest of bad diet habits to break. For those men who are contemplating the conception of a child, it might be of utmost importance to give some careful consideration as to the type and amount of meat consumption is implemented into a feasible diet plan.

By Stephanie Tapley


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