LSD Laced Meat Hospitalizes Family

Woman induced due to tainted bottom round steak

A Tampa family was admitted to the hospital this week due to eating  meat from Walmart tainted with LSD, stated the Tampa Police Department. An investigation commenced Friday after the family, along with a pregnant mother and two children were admitted to the hospital after consuming a bottom-round steak spiked with Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, a psychedelic drug.

On Monday evening, Ron Morales, 24, fell ill after consuming the Walmart steak. An emergency call was placed to 911, but Morales became seriously ill, feeling short of breath and dizzy. He felt he could wait no longer for the ambulance. Jessica Rosado, 31, Morales’s girlfriend drove him to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Once the family arrived at the hospital, Rosado began to feel ill, exhibiting the same symptoms as Morales. She was admitted to the St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital, across the street from the main hospital. The nine-month pregnant woman’s labor was induced. Rosado delivered a healthy baby boy. The couple’s two daughters, Rayna Serrano, 6 and Elyana Serrano, 7, were hospitalized as well after complaining of feeling ill and experiencing hallucinations. Doctors had to intubate Morales and both of the children in order to maintain an airway.

Both of the girls and Morales were discharged on Wednesday and Rosado and the newborn were released on Thursday. The entire family is reported in good condition after eating the meat from Walmart tainted with LSD.

After testing the samples of the food the police provided, the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner reported LSD is suspected to be found in the family’s toxicology reports and in the beef that was tested. LSD is a fragile drug that will degrade at room temperatures and when exposed to light. If tests results prove LSD was involved it will come into question how the chemical could stand up during the cooking process.

The laced steak was bought at the Walmart located at 1501 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. in Tampa, Florida. Walmart officials along with the Tampa Police Department removed the bottom round steak from the shelves and issued an assurance confirming their full assistance with any investigation. According to a statement released by Walmart officials, their meat suppliers, Cargill Inc., has not received any reports of similar laced steaks elsewhere. Walmart is reviewing surveillance videos in order to determine if anything exists to help the police’s investigation. At this point, no reports of suspicious behavior have been made.

According to CBS News, Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor stated the family is not under suspicion for the tainted meat. The family does not know where the LSD came from and there is no evidence of the family’s involvement in the incident, however the family’s oven and food have been confiscated for testing.

LSD can have unpredictable effects depending on the person’s mood and personality, the amount taken and the surroundings the person is in when taking the drug. It’s a spin of the wheel whether the user experiences a heart pounding high or an overly suspicious low.The effects of LSD begin within thirty-to-ninety minutes after ingesting the drug. Some of the effects include: dilated pupils, an increase or decrease in body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate, chills and sweating.

While the investigation has just began, the meat from Walmart tainted with LSD has hospitalized one family and it is unknown if anyone else will be effected.


By Deborah Baran

Fox News

New York Daily News

Denver News


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