Justin Bieber Enjoying Talk of Deportation?

BieberWho thinks Justin Bieber is worried? Do they suspect that he is even slightly concerned about the petition floating around to deport him from the good old U.S.A.? Some suspect only those who may be completely out of the loop of reality would even consider the possibility. Some publicity experts are saying quite the opposite, in fact, some believe that all this attention can only boost him in to higher heights of stardom, as if that was even possible. Could it be as the old saying goes, “All publicity is good publicity?” According to his current social media status, the star is not likely to be going anywhere other than wherever he pleases. With 50 million Twitter followers, and nearly double that in Facebook fans, it is hard for some people to imagine his forced retirement as some have claimed to be in the works. Could it be that Justin Bieber is quite possibly enjoying the talk of his deportation?


According to reports there are close to 260,000 signatures collected on this petition to ban the teenage girl’s dream from The United States. There have also been speculations that suggest if they were to create a petition to keep him here, and then set that petition on top of the other one, it might take roughly three years to reach it if one were to start reading the names one by one from the top. It has been estimated that nearly a billion young people have openly and secretly loved the singer. Now with his recent bad boy behavior and the flack he has been receiving as a result of it, some claim this only adds to the pull of the young stars magnetic field.

Bieber has been an American music icon in this country for several years now. Regardless of his Canadian origin, American fans have been watching him evolve with his music into adulthood and following his every move. Whether he is buying or selling a house, or just having coffee with an old flame, fans want to know. It would appear to some, with the constant headlines he is getting, that any attempts to disparage the star have only amounted to what some might call “feeding coal to the Sun,” which only makes it bigger.

Bieber and Gomez

Recent photos of Bieber and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez hanging out show smiles and good times. The two were spotted together on Friday at a dance studio in McAllen, TX with security blocking the door while they worked on some “choreography.”

Some feel that the hyped up charges against the singer concerning the so called DUI and the alleged egging incident are really not cause for talks of banning the singer from the states. America has seen presidents with more trouble in their college years. After all, he hasn’t pistol whipped anyone, or smashed into a parked DOT vehicle while really driving drunk like some other well-known celebs. However he has suggested on twitter to “stay creative,” which some believe shows Justin Bieber just may be enjoying all the attention and possibly has little concern for talk of his deportation.

Opinion by, Aaron Thompson








2 Responses to "Justin Bieber Enjoying Talk of Deportation?"

  1. Joseph   March 13, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    There were several “DONT deport Justin Bieber” petitions on whitehouse.gov and most had under 20,000 before their deadline. so i am gonna call BS on the above speculation

  2. Richard Eaton   March 12, 2014 at 1:17 am

    “America has seen presidents with more trouble in their college years” — You are missing the big point! Think before you write or you will not last long as a reporter. The issue is that he is a guest in the country and he needs to act like one! If he was a citizen of the US, like the prior presidents and troubled celebrities, this petition would be without merit. But this is not the case. You, my sir, have to be one of the worst reporters I’ve encountered. I believe McDonald’s is hiring.

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