Mel Gibson Starring in ‘Blood Father’

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has landed a lead role in a new action thriller. The up-coming film Blood Father starring Mel Gibson from French director Jean-Francois Richet is rumored to be similar in style to the Liam Neeson action franchise Taken. Blood Father was written by Peter Craig and will be produced by Chris Briggs and Why Not Productions.   

Mel Gibson has slowly been crawling his way back into the pubic’s consciousness following several controversial incidents that damaged the once A-list star’s reputation. Gibson first attracted the attention of audiences back in 1979’s Mad Max. Gibson quickly became one of Hollywood’s most sought after actors and starred in many classic films including the Lethal Weapon franchise, What Women Want, The Patriot as well as two sequels to Mad Max amongst many others. Gibson has also directed four films throughout his career including the Academy award winning Braveheart  as well as the massively successful Passion Of The Christ. The religious film would end up grossing over $370 million in the United States alone while Braveheart  would earn both the Best Picture and Best Director Academy Awards back in 1996. Recently, the actor appeared as the villain in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills and has a role in the up-coming ensemble action sequel The Expendables 3Blood Father starring Mel Gibson will continue his comeback  in the genre that first made him an international A-list actor. Mel Gibson’s most recent film where he played the lead was the 2012 action flick Get The Gringo which was released straight to Video-On-Demand. While not the release a Mel Gibson movie would have gotten previously, Get The Gringo did favourable well with the critics and currently sits at 81% on

The Blood Father director Jean-Francois Richet has quite a bit of experience with the crime action genre. The French filmmaker directed the 2005 remake of the John Carpenter cult classic Assault On Precinct 13 starring Ethan Hawke and Laurence Fishburn. Richet’s most recent film was the two-part Mesrine series starring Vincent Cassel. Both released in 2008, Mesrine: Killer Instinct tells the story of French gangster Jacques Mesrine before he became public enemy number one while Mesrine: Public Enemy #1 chronicles Mesrine’s time on top of the most wanted list. 

Blood Father is rumored to feature Gibson as a former convict that is forced to fight against dangerous and extremely violent drug dealers in order to protect his estranged daughter. The script for Blood Father was written by Peter Craig, best known for scripting the Ben Affleck bank robbery film The Town. Blood Father is expected to begin shooting this May down in New Mexico. The action film is currently being quickly pushed into production by Why Not Productions and does not have a U.S. distributor lined-up as of this moment.

Blood Father certainly has the potential to bring the once A-list action hero back into the limelight. Though it is not clear at this time whether or not Blood Father starring Mel Gibson will receive a similar release as Get The Gringo or whether it will open wide on the big screen, the film continues Mel Gibson’s slow return back to lead roles.

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  1. Captain Community   October 30, 2016 at 10:13 pm

    Tried to remove comments on this site years ago. We wrote a ludicrous satire about a self biography how a fictional character would relate to Mr. Gibson. This site does not allow option to remove comments. Sorry to Mr. Gibson, it was meant to be a joke to point out how ridiculous and annoying press is, not to be taken seriously. Please remove comments from “Captain Community”. Thanks!

  2. Norton231   April 1, 2014 at 8:14 am

    There’s no point in repeating yourself. We heard you the first time. You’re still a moron.

    • Captain Community   April 1, 2014 at 9:58 am

      Oh yeah, I know you. Your the computer crap talking guy. It would be so endearing if you had the courage to do this to me face to face. You’d probably start shaking after seeing my 20 inch biceps and go “Oh sir, please don’t hurt me. I was just upset about something particular you wrote”

      Then your lips would quiver and you’d urinate all over yourself.

      At this point I would feel bad for you and ask you whats really going on 🙂

      Captain Community

    • Captain Community   April 1, 2014 at 10:12 am

      Btw you think that’s cool to wish cancer upon someone. Don’t you know your hurting peoples feelings, you think that’s right?

      Captain Community

  3. Norton231   March 30, 2014 at 3:39 pm

    I hope you get cancer, especially of the rectal variety. You deserve it.

    • Captain Community   March 30, 2014 at 3:41 pm

      Lol what do you mean? Do you not like my videos or feelings about Mel Gibson?

      Take Care

  4. Captain Community   March 29, 2014 at 9:09 pm

    Ok as an action hero myself, I’ve decided to start a public relations campaign for one of MY heroes Mel Gibson.

    The public and press have denigrated this man far to long for these ridiculous drunken statements and private arguments between his Ex wife and others who have been sabotaging and trying to destroy this mans reputation. It’s gone on WAY TO LONG PEOPLE, get over it.

    Mel Gibson is an admirable man from a large family (we were both the 6th born with 11 siblings!) who’s under stress and made some bad comments- but that’s all they are people- bad words. The actions of this man prove he truly is a hero and a good example for Americas children. Because he is deeply religious and has strong moral convictions he’s experienced so much personal guilt and shamefulness about what he did- I believe he’s truly sorry.

    Let’s examine a bit of his career and portfolio as well (compared to other Hollywood actors and scumbags like Phillip Seymour Hoffman who get praised for doing horribly perverse and twisted films). Mel Gibson on the other hand, most of his career has played and action hero who’s looking out and saving the innocent from forces of evil. His characters and career have inspired greatness from other people who have been persecuted (such as myself.)

    I here absolutely everything he’s saying in this interview and I believe he’s being very honestly and sincere- minus the prey of cowards like the press and other members of Hollywood.

    Mel Gibson has suffered severe clinical depression as a result of this- quite frankly I’m worried about him ’cause I think the only dangers he imposes is on himself!

    Not that it matters, but quite frankly Jews ARE responsible for MANY conflicts and other things that have led to wars and bloodshed. Truth is, this is obviously a sensitive issue. In a way, it took alot of courage to make these comments and then explain himself. ‘Cause he’s NOT a real racist and bigot, that’s absurd and his character proves otherwise.

    I live in Ventura County area and I have never met Mel Gibson, but I’ve been a strong supporter of his behind the scenes.

    Mel If your out there, God bless, continue trusting your heat and standing up for what’s right. Your movies will continue to grow and inspire people as you enter a new phase of your life.

    Captain Community

    P.S. Hope it doesn’t sound weird but I love Mel Gibson, always will


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